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Metaphor Re Fantazio release date window, story, gameplay, more

Look no further for the latest Metaphor Re Fantazio release date news, as well as all the story and gameplay features you can look forward to in Atlus’ RPG.

Metaphor ReFantazio release date: A close up of the main character's face with a worried expression, set against a blurred background of gameplay.

When is the Metaphor Re Fantazio release date? From the critically acclaimed creators of Persona 3, 4, and 5, comes Metaphor Re Fantazio, a new fantasy RPG. As one of the most exciting announcements from the Xbox Game Showcase 2023, you’re in the right place to find out everything about the game ahead of the Metaphor Re Fantazio release date, including story and gameplay details of Atlus’ upcoming RPG.

While there were a lot of great announcements at the Xbox Game Showcase 2023 event, such as Starfield and Star Wars Outlaws, Atlus’ Metaphor Re Fantazio is a very promising one. Given the developer’s track record, it’s no surprise fans are looking forward to the release date of one of the best upcoming Xbox games.

Metaphor Re Fantazio release date window

The Metaphor Re Fantazio release date window is 2024 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. We don’t know when it will release in the year yet, but we saw a lot of gameplay in the first trailer. 

Initially the game was only announced for Xbox and PC, but now it has been confirmed for PS5 and PS4 too in a Korean trailer (picked up by Gematsu).

At the Xbox Game Showcase 2023, Atlus showed off impressive gameplay during the announcement trailer and revealed a release window of 2024. Although there was gameplay, we still expect it to be quite some time before we get hands-on with the game, likely towards the middle or end of 2024. Atlus’ past release schedule also supports this, with the Persona series often releasing in Q3 or Q4. Additionally, the Persona 3 Reload release date is early 2024, so it’s unlikely that the Metaphor Re Fantazio release date will land around the same time.

Unlike several other games unveiled at the Xbox Game Showcase 2023 event, it’s currently unknown whether Metaphor Re Fantazio will be released on Game Pass, at least on day one. While other trailers featured the Xbox Game Pass logo, this trailer did not, suggesting that it will not be available as part of the subscription.

Metaphor ReFantazio release date: Two characters talking an shaking hands.

Metaphor Re Fantazio story

Little is known about the Metaphor Re Fantazio story as of yet, though we know it’s a fantasy game packed with characters and oozing style. If it’s anything like Atlus’ past games, then it’s likely to have deep RPG systems, letting you learn more about your party members as you work your way through the main story.

Metaphor ReFantazio gameplay: The combat interface, displaying characters fighting a plant-like creature.

Metaphor Re Fantazio gameplay

Metaphor Re Fantazio is a fantasy turn-based party RPG, boasting tactical combat, wild enemy designs, and deep role-playing mechanics. If you’re played any of Atlus’ prior games, then you’ll likely find a lot to love.

You will manage your party of characters, leveling them up before taking on unique enemies in turn-based combat. From the trailer alone, it looks like there will be a lot of systems to get used to once we can dive in firsthand.

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That’s all there is to know about the game before the Metaphor Re Fantazio release date, from all the story details we currently have to the gameplay mechanics we know of so far. Hardcore Atlus fans will no doubt have a hard time waiting for Metaphor Re Fantazio, so why not tick the best games of all time off your list? We’ve also got the best RPG games so you can scratch that RPG itch.