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HEALTH shares Max Payne 3 soundtrack vinyl update with Rockstar silent

If you've been waiting for Max Payne vibes to hit your turntable, you're in luck. Noise rock band HEALTH have a Max Payne 3 vinyl soundtrack update.

An image of Max Payne on the cover of the Max Payne 3 vinyl soundtrack

Rockstar Games released its third-person shooter opus Max Payne 3 a decade ago, but the game continues to bear fruit. For the tenth anniversary of Max Payne 3, the developer and industrial band HEALTH is set to officially release the Max Payne 3 vinyl soundtrack. However, fresh updates about the tantalizing soundtrack release have been slim. But worry no more, as HEALTH has finally given us a Max Payne 3 update to be excited about.

It is a great time for fans looking for a Max Payne 3 update, at least regarding the Max Payne 3 vinyl soundtrack release date. The game’s composer, HEALTH, confirms via Twitter that “this is still happening btw. We’ll share more details when release dates are firm.” It is possible that the vinyl soundtrack could be released in time for the eleventh anniversary, which will arrive on May 15.

Details of what the actual LP package will include are yet to be specified, though Max Payne 3 fans can expect “previously unreleased tracks” to be included, according to this Rockstar Games blog post. Speculatively, vinyl enthusiasts could hope to see the soundtrack accompanied by a flexi disc of the soundtrack’s most popular track Tears.

The release will likely be in gatefold packaging across two LPs too, due to the length of the tracklist and additional material included. Let’s hope for a lovely colour variant too.

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The previous Max Payne games were blessed with the musical stylings of composer duo Kärtsy Hatakka and Kimmo Kajasto, which yield the piano-laden main theme. When it came to the release of the third entry, Rockstar Games had other plans in mind.

Further details can be gathered from the tenth-anniversary blog post too. “We are thrilled to announce Max Payne 3 The Official Soundtrack (Anniversary Edition), a new version of the iconic soundtrack coming later this year to digital streaming platforms and limited-edition vinyl,” the developer details. Yet, while the developer advises fans to “stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire”, a new update had yet to surface until now.

Those of you hoping for Max Payne to grace next-gen consoles rejoice too, as Rockstar Games and Remedy Entertainment are partnering up to release a remastered collection of the first two games. Meanwhile, Remedy Entertainment continues to make the Alan Wake 2 release date a reality, along with the growing list of upcoming PS5 games.