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One of Spider-Man 2’s biggest spoilers arrives courtesy of PlayStation

Spider-Man 2 previews are going live now, including one from PlayStation itself, which reveals a bombshell Spider-Man 2 spoiler to expect in the PS5 sequel.

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Friday, September 15, 2023 This article contains spoilers for the story of Spider-Man 2, revealed officially by PlayStation.

The first impressions of Insomniac Games’ Spidey follow up are live, as Spider-Man 2 previews reveal what Marvel fans should be excited for. If you’ve been keeping updated with all the Spider-Man 2 characters, then you might be surprised that PlayStation’s own preview reveals a significant story spoiler that you won’t be expecting as the Spider-Man 2 release date approaches.

According to PlayStation’s Spider-Man 2 preview, new story details reveal that “Harry [Osborn] knows Peter is Spider-Man (and knows Miles is as well), Peter has the Black Suit, and they’re trying to find they’re trying to find a possible cure for Harry’s illness.” Harry is suffering from a terminal illness in Spider-Man 2, which was revealed to be Oshtoran Syndrome through the previous game’s data logs.

Having Harry be aware of Peter and Miles’ vigilante antics puts an unexpected spin on the story, as it could have easily dropped as a major revelation later in the game. The preview details that the demo is only a few hours into the early stages of the game, leaving plenty of room for speculation as to how Peter and Harry’s relationship will evolve. It has been widely speculated that Harry will become Venom, following the post credits tease at the end of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 2 preview story spoilers

Real-life disease, Oshtoran Syndrome, is a heritable neurological disorder that can affect the liver and the sympathetic nerve system. It isn’t the first time that Harry Osborn has been depicted with a hereditary illness, either. In the movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the storyline sees Norman Osborn die from the fictitious disease Retroviral Hypodysplasia, with Harry desperate to find a cure. He pleas to Spider-Man, in hopes of using his genetically enhanced blood for research purposes, but Peter claims the variables would be too dangerous.

As Harry knows who Spider-Man is, this kind of scenario could be repurposed in Spider-Man 2, potentially leading Harry to inherit the Symbiote for himself out of anger. The recent gameplay trailer details a mission called ‘Healing The World’, echoing the phrase “we’re going to heal the world” spoken by Venom in the story trailer. Insomniac Games is yet to confirm who Venom is in Spider-Man 2, but the clues are stacking up.

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