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Lies of P demo, how to download, content, bosses

If you’re hoping to test out the new Lies of P demo, then here’s how to download it as well as what content the trial version comes with.

Lies of P demo: Scrapped Watchman from Lies of P trailer holding Pinocchio

While we still have to wait a while for the full game, the Lies of P demo is finally here, giving us a taste of this unique soulslike after years of waiting. If you’re hoping to find out whether Lies of P will be worth your money when it finally releases, then the demo is the perfect opportunity.

We’re just like you, counting down the days until the Lies of P release date arrives. Our Lies of P preview was full of praise for the game, and we commended the fact that it feels like a FromSoftware-standard soulslike, with plenty of its own gameplay innovations and additions. If that sounds good to you, then read on to find out how you can experience the game too.

How to download the Lies of P demo

You can download the Lies of P demo via the Xbox storefront, the PlayStation storefront, and PC via Steam right now. The demo is completely free to play and doesn’t require PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold to try out.

Lies of P demo content

In the Lies of P demo, there are five weapons to choose from, three bosses (one of which being a mini-boss), various enemies to defeat, multiple outfits to equip, and more.

However, much of the content isn’t simply given to you. In soulslike fashion, you’ll need to explore, complete quests, and take down dangerous foes to see most of the things that the demo has to offer. Overall, the Lies of P length for the demo is about four-to-five hours

Lies of P demo bosses

There are three Lies of P demon bosses, those being:

  • Parade Master
  • Scrapped Watchman
  • Mad Donkey – mini-boss

For both of the main bosses, there are two phases, with the second phase offering enhanced attacks. So, make sure to save your Pulse Cells for the second stage of the fight if you hope to survive. For an additional tip, you can find Pulse Cells within the world, or charge one before a boss by damaging enemies, or in a fight by damaging the boss.

That’s everything within the Lies of P demo and how to download it so you can finally play this Pinocchio-inspired soulslike. Until we get the full game, why not find out the upcoming Lies of P Game Pass release so you can play the upcoming RPG with the service, or check out our best RPG games list for something similar to play?