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Lego 2K Goal release date leaks, gameplay, and more

Find out the latest on the Lego 2K Goal release date and more so you know when you can slide into the blocky world of Lego soccer as soon as possible.

Lego 2K Goal release date: A Lego minifigure depicting a soccer referee holding a red card.

When is the Lego 2K Goal release date? Lego are looking to take on FC 24 with an all-ages and charming take on the classic sport, though there’s been to be a creative spin on it as we’ve come to expect from Lego games. Well, you’re in the right place to learn all about the Lego 2K Goal release date and more based on speculation and leaks.

Lego 2K Goal is another brand-new series in the Lego game series, following Lego 2K Drive. While Drive saw a Lego spin on racing, Goal is looking to do the same with soccer. Who knows, with the natural charm of Lego, it could even be one of the best football games once it releases.

Lego 2K Goal release date speculation

The Lego 2K Goal release date is expected to be Friday, September 19, 2023, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, based on several leaks.

There have been several leaks of Lego 2K Goal so far, including a rating for the game in South Korea (reported by VGC) and, most recently, an Amazon listing for the game which revealed the release date.

This rumored release date puts it just two weeks ahead of the latest entry in EA Sports’ seminal FC series, previously known as FIFA. While both games will be aiming for different target audiences, there will no doubt be some overlap, especially if 2K Goal gets off to a great start. Long-time FIFA fans have been growing increasingly impatient with EA’s recent entries in the series, so it’s a perfect time for another series to steal some of the spotlight.

Furthermore, a potential release on Switch is also a significant detail. Despite the majority of FIFA and FC’s audience being on PlayStation and Xbox, the Switch ports have had some success. With that said, it’s evident that these ports have been lacking in quality, not keeping pace with the enhancements of the main consoles. Lego 2K Goal is primed to provide a better experience to soccer fans on this platform, which is another important leg-up.

This deal with 2K, seeing the launch of 2K Drive and now Lego 2K Goal, pushes the brand into a new era. Previously, the majority of Lego games were based on licensed properties like Star Wars, Batman, and Harry Potter under TT Games. Now though, we’re seeing more unique games outside of these partnerships with already established brands.

Lego 2K Goal gameplay

Lego 2K Goal gameplay is yet to be revealed but it will no doubt be a fun and unique take on the soccer game genre, infusing the natural charm of Lego with the historic sport.

Nevertheless, don’t expect something like EFootball or EA’s FIFA and FC games. It will likely be akin to Lego 2K Drive, adopting a more arcade-like approach focusing on simple inputs that are easy to understand and fun to use. We hope there will be some exciting and competitive modes for players who would like to take it to the next level, however.

Lego 2K Goal vs FC 24

Both potentially launching in September 2023, Lego 2K Goal could be going head to head with EA Sports’ FC 24. FC 24 brings the heat when it comes to content and realism, with a deep FC 24 chemistry system, over 100 FC 24 stadiums, the new FC 24 PlayStyles, and even a full FC 24 Career Mode. Despite this, Lego’s success has always been its charm and style. If Lego 2K Goal can deliver this alongside great modes like FC’s Ultimate Team, then there could be some surprising competition. After all, visual fidelity isn’t everything.

The Lego stylings will also bring the rather limited selection of soccer games to a younger audience, likely offering more relaxed modes and gameplay compared to the competition.

While FC 24 will be striving for much more realism over the blocky world of Lego, if you’re a soccer fan, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If Lego 2K Goal can offer similarly deep gameplay alongside more relaxed modes, then we could even see it come out on top.

That’s everything there is to know about the game so far ahead of the Lego 2K Goal release date. Though it would be hard to rank among the best games of all time, Lego games have always had a light-hearted tone that pulls players in, and 2K Goal doesn’t look to buck this trend.