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Big League of Legends language settings improvement coming in 2023

The days of changing game files to change your LoL language settings will finally be over once this League of Legends Season 13 QoL improvement drops

LoL Language settings: A splash art for Silverfang Akali, which shows her sat holding a large machete-like weapon

One of League of Legends players’ most-requested quality of life improvements is arriving in the MOBA this year, Riot has revealed. Forget those workarounds with game files, as you’ll finally be able to change your LoL language settings from within the game itself.

While Season 13 is set to bring about a lot of major changes to the LoL ranks, to junglers, and to various other aspects of the game, there are some more practical improvements coming too. Revealed during a pre-Season 13 media event, executive producer Jermey Lee says that at some point during the year, LoL will receive an update that lets you change your game’s language settings with just a few clicks.

“For years, you’ve been asking us for the ability to play League in any language, no matter where you are,” Lee says. “I’m happy to share that, later this year, you’ll be able to select your language in League settings. We hope this makes your experience a little bit more enjoyable – no matter where you’re playing from, or what language you speak.”

Currently, the only way to change your language is to modify LoL’s game files, which isn’t exactly a practice that Riot condones. With this future update, changing to your preferred language or switching between different ones can now be done simply within the client.

Other than stating that this change will arrive in 2023, Riot did not provide a more concrete release window or target patch.

For a game enjoyed by players in all corners of the world, this change has been far too long in the making. Nevertheless, it’s finally coming in Season 13, as are some spicy new LoL champions and reworks (including an Aurelion Sol CGU and an Ahri ASU).