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League of Legends K’Sante bug meant he could bully Baron, dev reveals

A K'Sante bug that arose during the League of Legends champion's development meant he could get more hands-on than intended with the Rift's inhabitants

League of Legends K'Sante bug: Baron Nashor crying

League of Legends developer Riot Games has certainly been busy drip feeding players content regarding upcoming champion K’Sante. And while we’ve now learned when the K’Sante release date is, there is of course one burning topic of intrigue for players – ‘does K’Sante have any game-breaking bugs?’ Well, according to the champion’s gameplay designer, Jacob Crouch, one hilarious K’Sante bug that cropped up during development meant the Pride of Nazumah could shunt around pretty much anything that breathed on the Rift.

Speaking to The Loadout as part of a recent roundtable discussion regarding League’s 162nd champion, Crouch explains that “there’s certain flagging that you have to do on displacements to make sure that they interact with the game in ways that you’d expect.

“K’Sante has a few displacements as a Warden, so he pushes people around when they try to get to his allies as his main way to save them. They weren’t flagged to interact with most of the game correctly, so he would just start shoving Baron around often by accident, or champions who have windows where you’re not allowed to shove them. [For example] when Sett was suplexing someone, K’Sante would just suplex Sett back.”

Of course, with the flagging in this state Crouch notes that there were “a lot of odd interactions of K’Sante taking priority over the game with his movement” aside from the examples given – we can only imagine what he did to the poor Rift Herald…

Needless to say, when K’Sante eventually arrives on the Rift, he won’t quite be mighty enough to take the Baron for a walk. However, we can imagine that he’ll definitely be a boon in your LoL ranks grind.

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