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Fresh Hyenas gameplay has dropped, Plunder Riot looks like pure chaos

New SEGA FPS Hyenas has a closed beta starting soon and has just offered us all our first real look at Plunder Riot, a mode coming to Hyenas on PS5 and Xbox.

Hyenas Plunder Riot: an image of Galaxia from the FPS

Quite a few of you have been waiting quite some time to learn a little more about Hyenas, and SEGA is finally showing off a proper look at raw gameplay ahead of the PC closed beta. We know it’s a little early to say whether this is going to be one of the best competitive FPS games out there, but this brand-new dedicated look at Hyenas Plunder Riot is well-worth talking about.

Ahead of the Hyenas release date, SEGA has offered us all a three-minute slice of chaos courtesy of this extraction shooter’s Plunder Riot game mode – one which strikes us as a game mode at the core of this experience. An explosive take on the traditional Escape From Tarkov formula, the Plunder Riot game mode sees a squad of three jumping into a Plunder Ship (from a random spawn area) to steal some loot (which also spawns in a random area) while avoiding Murf Guards and enemy players.

From what we can see, the gameplay loop itself is quite standard for the extraction shooter genre. You need to loot teal supply lockers for equipment and upgrades to prepare yourself for a firefight over the loot and you can continue to upgrade your equipment as you get to work. Then, all you need to do is grab your merch – which is what you’re really after – and get to your extraction point.

As you can see below, it has the bones of being one of the best FPS games available when it comes out. It’s colorful, exciting, and competitive. The gunplay looks slick and – although the HUD is a little busy – it looks like there’s going to be enough depth to keep this game going for quite some time.

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A few interesting things worth pointing out, though, are that the leading team with the VIP Getaway triggered will be highlighted when they hit a certain amount of ‘Clout Points’. This should give players lacking the chance to compete more opportunities to score big in the late game. It also ensures that even the sneakiest squad will face a firefight at some point. You can also sneak through vents and tunnels, avoiding the busier corridors – if you can find the right route to your prize, of course.

If you want a more detailed expression of our impressions, you can read out Hyenas preview right here. A little bit Apex Legends, a little bit Payday, this game has a lot of potential. It is, however, just one of several interesting upcoming Xbox games and upcoming PS5 games. When you think about all the FPS games on the way, it’s certainly going to be hard-pressed for your attention. However, Hyenas has enough bright lights and explosions to warrant a closer look. At least while we wait for the XDefiant release date to roll around.