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Honkai Star Rail character model leaks reveal familiar faces

It turns out that those miscellaneous characters on Honkai Star Rail's Light Cones might be coming to HoYoverse's RPG as playable units after all.

Honkai Star Rail character model leaks: Dan Heng

It looks like the character models for some of the upcoming Honkai Star Rail crewmates have been revealed – at least according to recent leaks. What’s more, players currently enjoying HoYoverse’s new space fantasy RPG may have already spotted them on their travels.

As shared predominantly by Mero, as well as Affinity, several unconfirmed Honkai Star Rail characters reportedly slated for future Honkai Star Rail banner releases include those which appear on the Honkai Star Rail Light Cones. Be warned, there are likely spoilers ahead.

That’s right, the characters on Light Cones like Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat and Return to Darkness aren’t just for show. According to the leaks, the former portrays a character called Luka, and the latter Hanya.

But they’re not the only characters that could be joining the Astral Express in the future. Models for Dan Heng’s five-star iteration, Hanabi, and Jingliu have also been shared. While Genshin Impact players may be surprised by the upgraded version of Dan Heng, introducing multiple versions of the same character is standard fare in the Honkai world.

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While it’s unlikely that we’ll see any of these potential new recruits any time soon – we’re barely into the Honkai Star Rail 1.0 banners after all – we can’t wait to see where they’ll land on the Honkai Star Rail tier list should they materialise.