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Is Hogwarts Legacy crossplay and crossplatform?

Many students will be coming to the doors of Hogwarts, but some players may wonder whether Hogwarts Legacy crossplay exists for those with wizarding friends.

Hogwarts Legacy Crossplay: Multiple students can be seen with a teacher

We’re slowly preparing our suitcases and taking the Hogwarts Express to our favourite magical school, but for those hoping to take friends with you, you may be wondering is Hogwarts Legacy crossplay? The game seems to be a dream come true for fans of the Harry Potter universe, but before you wear your Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch gear, which we saw in a recent leak, let’s see if our friends can come with us.

While it has been confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy microtransactions aren’t happening, thankfully, but the idea of a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer sounds pretty exciting. However, whether the latest Wizarding World game features crossplay isn’t a mystery and you can find out below as you are preparing to use the Hogwarts Legacy spells against threats.

Is Hogwarts Legacy crossplay and crossplatform?

Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have crossplay or crossplatform support, since it is a fully single-player experience, as confirmed by Avalanche.

Of course, we love the idea of experiencing the Hogwarts Legacy lessons and the Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts Battle Arena with our best friends as much as anyone. But, it seems that Avalanche Software wanted to go for a fully solo story. While there is a chance that some form of a multiplayer mode could come post-launch, it is very unlikely.

While the news that Hogwarts Legacy crossplay isn’t possible may be a shame to some, there are plenty of Hogwarts Legacy characters who will keep you occupied in the halls of Hogwarts. In fact, you may even recognise some of the Hogwarts Legacy voice actors and cast behind these individuals.