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GTA 4 remaster rumors resurface ahead of GTA 6 trailer reveal

We're all looking forward to the GTA 6 trailer reveal, but Rockstar Games could be looking to the past, as GTA 4 remaster rumors resurface.

GTA 4 remaster rumors november 2023

We’re on the verge of potential greatness. The GTA 6 trailer is inbound, poised to drop at any moment between now and early December. Yet, while a new era is beginning for Rockstar Games, others claim that the GTA 6 developer is looking to the past as well. Now, rumors of a GTA 4 remaster are once again back in conversation, following the game’s 15-year anniversary earlier this year.

We advise taking this with a heavy grain of salt, as ‘realJeffPulaski’ is a relatively new source on the scene. However, news of a GTA 4 remaster isn’t exactly out of the question (more on that later). According to Pulaski, he alleges that “Rockstar Games is going to announce [a] Grand Theft Auto 4 remaster and Grand Theft Auto 6 during [the] 25th anniversary of the studio.” Rockstar Games was founded in December 1998, and we now know, the GTA 6 trailer reveal is scheduled for early next month.

The leaker purports that the GTA 4 remaster will be similar to the recent Red Dead Redemption port, and that will be out before the GTA 6 release date arrives. Furthermore, like the Red Dead Redemption port, it will lack some fan-favorite features: “I don’t know anything about platforms, might be the same situation as with RDR1. Episodes From Liberty City included. No multiplayer.” GTA 4’s multiplayer, while primitive in comparison to GTA Online, was downright excellent. We spent hours at Liberty City Airport battling other players, which cemented the title as one of the best open world games out there.

GTA 4 remaster port leaks rumors

You may remember back in July 2022 that rumors of a Grand Theft Auto 4 remaster were in the mix, alongside a potential Red Dead Redemption project too. At the time, Rockstar Games enthusiast ‘Tez Fun’ alleges that “as per a reliable source with clear accuracy on Rockstar plans, remasters of GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption were on the table a few years ago, but Rockstar [Games] chose not to proceed with the projects in mind.”

It is possible that poor reception to the GTA Definitive Trilogy was a catalyst for scrapping a GTA 4 remaster, but as we’ve seen this year, Red Dead Redemption found new life in the form of a PS4/PS4 port. Considering that GTA 5 has appeared on PS3, PS4, and PS5, if anything, GTA 4 is overdue the same kind of treatment. Arguably better than GTA 5 in many ways, the game’s unique atmosphere and stronger story still make it a memorable experience to this day.

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A GTA 4 remaster would certainly keep players entertained until GTA 6 arrives, that’s if Rockstar Games gives the game a decent overhaul. You can currently play GTA 4 on Xbox Series X|S with 4K upscaling and 60 FPS. In the meantime, GTA 6 is breaking records on social media, as fans anticipate one of the most hyped up new PS5 games around.