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GTA Online’s new outfits are prime GTA 6 conspiracy material

Rockstar Games celebrates the 10th anniversary of GTA 5 in GTA Online soon, and one of the new event outfits will have GTA 6 fanatics on the hunt for clues.

GTA 5 anniversary event GTA online

Each time the mention of GTA 5 turning 10 appears, we all feel incredibly old. A full decade since the Rockstar Games open-world titan was released has passed, and to celebrate, the developer will hold a GTA 5 anniversary event inside of GTA Online. Not only is it a time to look back on the game, but the event’s limited edition clothing will have GTA 6 fanatics hungry to find clues for one of the most anticipated upcoming PS5 games.

“Dress as GTA 5’s three lead characters with unique new outfits reminiscent of classic looks for Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Simply log in by September 27 to unlock The Retired Criminal, The Homie, and The Groupie outfits,” Rockstar Games outlines in a fresh newswire post. The Groupie outfit specifically hones in on Trevor and his appreciation for the Vice City band, Love Fist.

It might seem like an obvious nod using one of this story-based outfit, but out of all of Trevor’s attire across GTA 5, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking it could be a respectful nod to both the past and present of the franchise. Rockstar could have easily used another outfit, after all. Previous GTA 6 leaks claim that the next game will be set in Vice City, which is home to the satirical 80s rock band spoof. We haven’t been back to Vice City since Vice City Stories on the PlayStation Portable.

Hints toward what GTA 6 beholds are scarce, but it isn’t the first time that GTA Online has seemingly played with fan expectations.

GTA 5 anniversary event gta 6

Interestingly, the design for Love Fist seen on this outfit is one from the original trilogy, which isn’t supposedly canon following the franchise’s soft reboot with GTA 4. As Rockstar is using this aesthetic for Love Fist, it opens up the possibility that other original trilogy events and characters are out there, potentially waiting to appear in GTA 6.

The biggest character that comes to mind is clearly Tommy Vercetti, who became Vice City’s biggest gang leader in the 1980s. Whether Vercetti is deceased or still running the criminal underworld may never be answered by Rockstar. However, the studio does offer thanks for years of support.

“As Grand Theft Auto 5 turns 10 this coming Sunday, we would like to thank you, our players, for your incredible support over the years. This amazing community is the reason GTA 5 has thrived across multiple console generations and given us the opportunity to grow and update GTA Online with new features and content over these past 10 years, and your support is truly humbling,” Rockstar adds in the newswire post.

Whether you’re tuning in to celebrate GTA 5’s legacy or not, here’s what you need to know about the GTA 6 release date, story, and more.