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Is Gotham Knights split-screen and local co-op?

Find out if Gotham Knights is split-screen with local co-op in this article which covers how you can play the open-world RPG with other people

Gotham Knights Split Screen: Batgirl can be see attacking an enemy

Is Gotham Knights split-screen and local co-op? With co-op being a core part of the Gotham Knights experience, we already know online play is possible. But, you may be wondering if Gotham Knights split-screen or local co-op is possible. Below you can find out all the different ways you can play the game with a friend and then look at our Gotham Knights walkthrough to help you out.

Is Gotham Knights split-screen?

Gotham Knights does not have split-screen or local co-op functionality. The game is exclusively an online multiplayer game, so you can’t play with people in the same room. This may be disappointing to some but local co-op modes are not common these days.

There is very little chance of local co-op ever being added to the game as it runs quite poorly already, as mentioned in our Gotham Knights review. So, you will likely only ever be able to play Gotham Knights co-op online.

If you were hoping to play through Gotham Knights split-screen or in local co-op, you can play some other great PS5 co-op games. And, if you are keen to know more about the game, check out our guides on Gotham Knights’ characters and the Gotham map in the game.