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Gotham Knights DLC could add this hidden Two-Face villain quest

Hopes for post-launch Gotham Knights DLC still burn bright as DC Comics fans point out there is still room in the Belfry for a Two-Face villain quest.

Batman and Two Face in Gotham Knights and Arkham Knight

Gotham Knights added a new chapter to the Batman gaming mythos, focusing on the Bat Family’s path to save Gotham City. Since the game swooped down onto PS5 and Xbox consoles, plans for Gotham Knights DLC have eluded DC Comics fans. Despite WB Games now putting the limelight on Hogwarts Legacy, players are pointing out that the release of a Gotham Knights Two-Face DLC quest should be the next major update. Will WB Games Montréal answer the call?

Following the Gotham Knights Heroic Assault release date, it seems as if post-launch content for the game isn’t in the works. However, DC Comics fans over at the Gotham Knights subreddit are wondering what happened to the game’s Two-Face villain quest. Redditor ‘AccidentRelevant4328’ explains “Two-Face was originally planned to be a villain quest. This is a real image of his design in the game.”

The design in question comes from a Gotham Knights datamine that appeared days after the game’s release. YouTuber ‘DC Comics Gamer‘ showcases Two-Face’s visage, claiming that “it appears to be a mission marker, similar to the ones that the villains or other characters like The Penguin or Lucius Fox [use].” Unfortunately, story details for Two-Face’s appearance are buried deeper than the depths of the Bat Cave.

What could have been. Two-Face was originally planned to be a villain quest. This is a real image of his design in the game. from GothamKnights

While the design of Two-Face isn’t a massive hit with Gotham Knights players, there is still hope that WB Games Montréal is saving Harvey Dent for a future update. Redditor ‘DaHyro‘ expresses that “he was literally the first character we knew was gonna be in the game, the ads teasing the game’s announcement said ‘Two-Face’.

Teased back in August 2020, an advert for Gotham Knights directly confirms Two-Face as a character once set to make an appearance. DaHyro also says “you don’t advertise a character that’s still in the planning stages. The game was also far enough along in development that he’d already have the bare bones of his mission done.”

Nevertheless, the game’s Belfry headquarters does allude that there are further Bat Family adventures to be had. After completing each villain side quest, players can see various trinkets and trophies in the Belfry that reference their battles with Mr Freeze, Harley Quinn, and Clayface. Two-Face’s presence in Gotham City is referenced by Jason Todd too, suggesting that the former district attorney is either incarcerated at Blackgate or at large on the streets.

For now, Gotham Knights players can dive into the game’s Heroic Assault mode, which touts 30 floors of carnage and legendary loot along the way. You’ll need the best Gotham Knights Batgirl build to reach the top. But if you’re ready to hang up the cowl, checking out all the upcoming PS5 games for this year is your next adventure.