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God of War Ragnarok release time - when does this action-RPG drop?

If you're wondering when the God of War Ragnarok release time is, you're not alone - and we have what you need to know about when it drops on PS4 and PS5 here

God of War Ragnarok release time: an image of Kratos looking angry at Atreus

Are you ready to visit all the God of War Ragnarok realms and meet all the God of War Ragnarok characters in Santa Monica Studios’ blockbuster sequel to 2018’s God of War? Well, if you’re ready for that, you might just be someone who’s looking forward to the God of War Ragnarok release date – which is right around the corner. If you know about that, but you want to know the specific God of War Ragnarok release time, you’re in the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

At the time of writing, the God of War Ragnarok release time is scheduled for midnight local time on November 9. In an effort to clear this up, this will be the night of November 8 heading into the morning of November 9. So, at 00:01 local time on November 9.

If you have pre-ordered God of War Ragnarok on the PlayStation Store, you should find a live countdown available on the dashboard application for the game once it has fully installed and pre-loaded.

If you have not, yet, you should know that God of War Ragnarok reviews deem it the second-best PS5 game yet – and you can read our God of War Ragnarok review right here for more details on why.

So, you could say that there are quite a few reasons why you’re going to want to play God of War Ragnarok – especially if you enjoyed the first one.

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God of War Ragnarok is a continuation of 2018’s narrative where Kratos and Atreus must travel the nine realms once again. This time, though, their adventures take place in part during the infamous fimbulwinter – a snow storm that immediately preludes the events of Ragnarok. We won’t tell you anything more than that, but it’s certainly going to be an adventure you don’t want to miss – and it’s definitely one of the best PS5 games out there (on November 9).