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God of War Ragnarok reviews deem it the second-best PS5 game yet

The God of War Ragnarok Metacritic score is an impressive 94, but it's still not the best-rated PS5 game to release on Sony's current-gen system

God of War Ragnarok metacrtic score reviews: Kratos looks up at Tyr holding a book

The scores are all in, and God of War Ragnarok is the second-highest-rated PS5 game by reviewers.

The sequel to 2018’s God of War has been universally praised by critics (our God of War Ragnarok review was also a glowing one) with a plethora of nines and tens being dished out. On both Metacritic and OpenCritic, Santa Monica Studios’ creation sits at an impressive average critic score of 94. But despite this, Ragnarok still isn’t the highest-scored game that you can play on the PS5.

That honour still remains with FromSoftware’s epic Elden Ring. The PS5 version of the open-world soulslike RPG sits at a mighty 96 on Metacritic and a 95 on OpenCritic. While Ragnarok wasn’t able to topple Elden Ring, there are plenty of other highly-regarded games on the PS5 that it has trumped, such as Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Hades, and many more.

Ragnarok is also the second-best-rated game to release in 2022, again behind Elden Ring.

On both Metacritic and OpenCritic, Ragnarok also shares the exact same average review score of 94 as its predecessor. While there have certainly been a few small innovations for Ragnarok, it does seem to largely be a continuation of the 2018 game, and that’s reflected in the similar score.

From what we can see, there are only five PlayStation first-party titles to be higher rated on Metacritic than Ragnarok. Both Uncharted 2 on the PS3 and the original Gran Tursimo on the PlayStation have critic scores of 96, while Gran Turisom 3, Little Big Planet, and The Last of Us (and its PS4 remaster) have scores of 95.

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