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Fortnite Kingdom Hearts leak could give Sora a shotty on PS5 and Xbox

The new Fortnite Kingdom Hearts collab leak is reportedly part of a broader effort from Disney and Square Enix to bring it to more PS5 and Xbox games.

Fortnite Kingdom Hearts leak: Sora next to a purple haired woman

Kingdom Hearts fans, if you hear me in your padded enclosures, I have some excellent news for you – a Fortnite Kingdom Hearts collab could be on the cards. Finally, Sora might get his hands on a real weapon that’ll let him go from slaying Nobodies to everybody in the hit PS5 and Xbox shooter. Now, if you’ll all stop snarling for a moment, let’s get into this latest leak.

According to a source close to reputable leaker ‘Midori,’ Disney and Square Enix are looking to cross-pollinate Sora and the gang with more “outside IP.” Sora coming to Smash a few years back was already an earth-shattering event, and now it looks like he might take a giant step into Epic’s battle royale game as Midori has heard that Fortnite is “part of this initiative.”

Though, as with any leak, this needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt, Midori says her source did get the newly-announced Steam ports right in hindsight, after they messaged her a few months back. While she “didn’t believe the information at the time,” it’s clear they’re onto something. Disney announced its $1.5bn investment into Epic, alongside their new Fortnite-focused partnership on February 7, so I can imagine this leak stemmed from internal discussions taking place at the time.

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So what could Kingdom Hearts look like in Fortnite form? Aside from the obvious Sora skin, I can imagine Yozora will also get his time in the multiplayer game sun, should the collaboration coincide with the Kingdom Hearts 4 release date window (sometime in 2036, /s). Should that be the case, then we’ll most likely see Sora’s outfit be based on his inaugural Lost Master Arc look.

The pickaxe will, naturally, be a Keyblade, and as much as I’d love to see one of the Oblivion/Oathkeeper duo get it, let’s face it, it’ll be the Kingdom Key – simple and clean. For back bling, I’d love to see Sora’s Halloween Town wings make an appearance, though a Moogle backpack yoinked from the Square side of things would also go down a treat. Finally, for the glider, it simply makes sense for it to be based on the classic Kingdom model Gummi Ship.

Regardless of whether Midori’s leak materializes, the thought of one of my favorite franchises ever making it into one of the other best games on the market fills me with excitement. Alongside Midori’s other info from the leak, as well as the reports that a Kingdom Hearts movie is on the way, there’s a whole load of smoke surrounding it right now. The only thing that will make it even better is a new KH4 trailer at the rumored May PlayStation showcase – come on Square, give us the goods.

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