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Anakin Skywalker Fortnite skin revealed for Star Wars “experience”

Epic Games' battle royale is getting a new Star Wars experience soon with an Anakin Skywalker Fortnite skin expected to arrive on PS5, Xbox, PC, and more soon.

Fortnite Anakin Skywalker skin Star Wars Experience: an image of the character from the battle royale teaser

Epic Games has just revealed a new Anakin Skywalker Fortnite skin ahead of a Star Wars “experience” that’s coming to its’ battle royale soon. While there have been plenty of Fortnite Star Wars skins already, fans will now finally be able to drop in as The Chosen One.

As you might recall, recently there was a theory circulating online that the new Fortnite Star Wars skins may be more Order 66 than Jedi Survivor – meaning that, rather than the new Fortnite Star Wars bundle being Cal Kestis, we might be getting some Clone Troopers instead. One of the new cosmetics bundles was leaked with the codename “plottwist” after all.

Well, this announcement that an Anakin Skywalker skin is coming to Fortnite, which is based on his Episode 3 appearance, seems to reinforce that the plot twist the Epic Games codenames were talking about was-indeed Order 66. However, what does that mean for the “experience” Fortnite has stated starts on May 2?

Well, right now, we don’t know for certain. This could mean we’re getting an Order 66-themed event coming to Fortnite, but that seems unlikely given the whole youngling-slaying aspect of it.

What’s really interesting about this reveal, though, as you can see for yourself below, is that it comes with the caption “you’ve been chosen.” This could mean we’re in for something a little more interactive, something that really is more of an “experience” over an event. While we can’t say for certain just yet, Epic Games has a track record of surprising it’s players with in-game events and activities.

Fortnite Anakin Skywalker skin Star Wars experience tweet: an image of the teaser from the battle royale game

We know the fact that Fortnite Creative Mode just got a sweet XP update from Epic Games is exciting, but this is really going to be something to look forward to. In the past, we’ve seen Fortnite Star Wars skins drop to coincide with the release of Star Wars series and movies. Now? Well, it looks like we’re getting something a little different – which could be fantastic.

While we wait for more about what to expect, which should start showing up online in the next couple of days, why not check out these Fortnite Creative codes and more on why the new Serenade Fortnite skin could be key to Chapter 4 Season 3’s theme. We know this isn’t necessarily one of the best games of all time, but it’s easily one of the best battle royale games out there and with collaborations like this, it’s hard to complain.