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Is Forspoken multiplayer co-op?

Are you wondering if Forspoken is multiplayer and you can play with a friend? Here are the ways you can explore Athia and if a friend can join you

Forspoken Multiplayer: Frey can be seen attacking some enemies

Are you wondering is Forspokem multiplayer? In this article, we will take you through the ways in which you can play the game and what you can expect, including if you are able to pair up with a friend.

It is unusual to see co-op multiplayer in JRPGs, especially when it comes to Square Enix games, but with co-op being implemented into more and more franchises and worlds, there can be an expectation for it. Co-op would make a great fit as well when you consider that the Forspoken length is pretty long if you want to do everything.

Is Forspoken multiplayer?

Forspoken does not have any kind of multiplayer co-op features. It is purely a single-player game so you can only play alone on PS5 or PC.

It is unlikely Forspoken will ever get any kind of multiplayer features or functionality either as Forspoken reviews on PS5 have been mixed, so it is likely support for the game and the series won’t continue past this game. But, we will have to wait and see.

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