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Forspoken ending explained - what’s next for Frey?

When Frey’s story comes to a conclusion, lore from the world is required to understand the events. Here’s our Forspoken ending explained guide for those lost.

Forspoken ending explained: Frey staring at an illusion in Forspoken

Forspoken, specifically the world of Athia, is a large and mostly unwelcoming place thanks to the Break, so you may not have explored every inch of it, meaning you may find yourself confused at the ending of the game. Fortunately, our guide on the Forspoken ending explained should bring you up to speed, and let you know what is next in store for Athia.

Whether you’ve been preparing your Forspoken magic and spells for the final fight, or have completed the game and find yourself lost among the strange names and fantasy nature of the open world of Forspoken, we’re here to help you understand everything.

Forspoken ending explained

At the end of Forspoken, Frey becomes Tanta Frey, the only Tanta and protector of Athia. After it’s revealed that Cuff is actually an evil creation called Susurrus, she defeats it with the help of the four Tanta’s powers, including her mother, Tanta Cinta. After defeating Cuff, Frey remains in Athia rather than returning to New York with her cat.

The post-credit scene also sees Frey talk to Homer in an almost letter-like fashion, asking Homer to look out for her when he looks to the sky, where we see a light fly above New York in a similar fashion to how Frey’s new ability, Shift, appears in-game.

If you’re a bit lost, let me bring you up to speed. After Tanta Olas dies, it is revealed that Cuff is actually a creation called Susurrus. He was a last ditch effort by an army of invaders called the Rheddig, who attempted to capture Athia for their own. After the Tanta’s victory against these invaders, the Rheddig sent Susurrus, who was absorbed by the Tantas as he was too strong to be defeated.

With three of the four Tantas dead, and Tanta Cinta’s “vambrace” on Frey, he absorbs the final power he needs, becoming Susurrus again. Frey realises, with the help of Tanta Cinta, who is the dragon flying around Athia, that her powers weren’t linked to Cuff at all. She eventually defeats the Rheddig’s creation, absorbing Cuff once again into herself. In the postgame content, Cuff and Frey seem to be getting on again, with the added caveat that he still wants to destroy Athia.

If a sequel is announced, or in the works, it looks like Frey will have to once again deal with Cuff if he is released. However, the light in New York could mean that Earth is Cuff’s next stop after Athia. Whether a Forspoken 2 will eventually come or not, we know that Athia is currently safe in Frey’s hands.

That’s the Forspoken ending explained for anyone still confused after watching the credits. Thankfully, you can go back and play around with your spells in Athia, so make sure to find all of the Forspoken cloaks to stand a better chance of defeating the Break. You can also find out how to upgrade in Forspoken if you find a particularly good cloak.