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All Final Fantasy 16 main quests

If you’re looking for the full list of Final Fantasy 16 main quests and missions that you’ll complete during the story, look no further than our guide.

Final Fantasy 16 quests: Soldier of Rosaria in Final Fantasy 16 in front of a pink background

There are plenty, and we mean plenty of Final Fantasy 16 main quests that make up the entire story from start to finish. These are required missions that will take Clive through the three phases of his life, from the young Shield of Rosaria to the Dominant of Ifrit, these quests will help you witness his entire adventure.

We learned all of the quests during our Final Fantasy 16 review, as we met the various Final Fantasy 16 characters and the different Eikons during the story. If you’re playing one of the best PS5 RPG games right now, then the missions below are all of the essential missions you’ll take part in. Once again, it’s worth clarifying that this guide only covers the main quests and none of the side content, or we’d be here for a long, long time.

All Final Fantasy 16 main quests

Here are the 44 Final Fantasy 16 main quests:

  • A Flame Summoned
  • To Kill a Dominant
  • Pride
  • Sunrise, Sunset
  • Lost in a Fog
  • Flight of the Fledgling
  • A Chance Encounter
  • Hide, Hideaway
  • Fanning Embers
  • Louder than Words
  • The Dead of Night
  • Headwind
  • Wings of Change
  • Awakening
  • The Wages of Guilt
  • The Hunter and The Hunted
  • Homecoming
  • Holding On
  • Buried Memories
  • The Crystals’ Curse
  • Cid the Outlaw
  • Home, Sweet Home
  • The Gathering Storm
  • Here Be Monsters
  • Fire and Ice
  • After the Storm
  • Capital Punishment
  • Bolts from the Blue
  • Riddle of the Sanda
  • Into the Darkness
  • Out of the Shadow
  • Onward
  • Fire in the Sky
  • Things Fall Apart
  • Cloak and Dagger
  • Evenfall
  • A Song of Hope
  • Through the Maelstrom
  • Across the Narrow
  • Footfalls in Ash
  • The Last King
  • Brotherhood
  • Streets of Madness
  • Back to Their Origin

These are all of the main quests required to complete the main story. However, some of the quests also include sub-quests, which are still necessary for completing the narrative, but they’re almost like side quests in terms of content.

The different quests will take you to various locations within the Final Fantasy 16 map, from the deserts of The Dhalmekian Republic to the luscious fields of Rosaria.

Below, we’re going to go over some of the biggest quests in the games, which boast some of the longest runtimes and also contain a lot of the major story moments. While the above quests are all necessary to complete the game, the below quests are some of the most important and memorable you’ll experience.

Final Fantasy 16 quests: Shiva using her powers in Final Fantasy 16

A Chance Encounter

Skipping 13 years after the Fall of Phoenix Gate, we’re back as Clive, or Wyvern to use his codename in the present day. This sees you attempting to find and kill the Dominant of Shiva with the remaining members of his team, but a shocking turn of events will see Clive and Tiamat’s swords turn upon each other.

Final Fantasy 16 quests: Clive in Phoenix Gate during a memory sequence in Final Fantasy 16

Buried Memories

Returning to Phoenix Gate alongside Jill, Clive sees the hooded figure again before entering the old remains of a Fallen structure deep below Phoenix Gate. There, he comes to terms with some buried memories (wink-wink, nudge nudge) about the events of the evening that took the life of his brother.

Final Fantasy 16 quests: Clive at one of the Mothercrystals in Final Fantasy 16

The Crystals’ Curse

With Cid and Clive looking to destroy all of the Mothercrystals across Valisthea, their first goal is Drake’s Head. However, the Mothercrystals are beloved by many of the people in Valisthea, so destroying them is no easy task. And unfortunately, there are some nasty creatures awaiting, many turned Akashic due to the Aether nearby.

Final Fantasy 16 quests: Clive walking toward the main castle in Rosaria in Final Fantasy 16

Capital Punishment

With Hugo launching a full-scale attack on Clive’s home of Rosaria, the crew at the Hideaway look to deal with the Dominant of Titan, with plenty of Dhalmekian and Imperial forces fighting in Rosaria’s capital. However, Hugo isn’t here to simply conquer the region.

Final Fantasy 16 quests: Odin in Final Fantasy 16

The Last King

With Barnabas becoming a big threat between Clive and his goal of defeating Ultima, Clive must defeat the Dominant of Odin before he can complete his final challenge. The King of Waloed is one of Clive’s toughest challenges yet, with the Eikon of Darkness fueling Ultima’s biggest ally, the last king of Valisthea.

That’s everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy 16 main quests and main missions. If you need help completing the game, make sure to check out our Final Fantasy 16 walkthrough for any guides, including how to use the photo mode in Final Fantasy 16.