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How to get more potions in Final Fantasy 16

Find out how you can get more potions in Final Fantasy 16 to survive some of the grueling, tough boss fights spread throughout the game.

Final Fantasy 16 Get Potions: Clive can be seen

If you are facing some of the tough early battles in Final Fantasy 16, or just beginning to explore its world, you may be wondering how you can stock up your healing items and get potions in Final Fantasy 16. Thankfully, there are some consistent ways to obtain them and you won’t have to hold onto too many for fear of running low very often.

Final Fantasy 16‘s combat is excellent and quite unique in a lot of ways, which our writer Callum Self highlighted in his Final Fantasy 16 review. During the game, you will come up against a host of Final Fantasy 16 bosses that will have you on the edge of your seat, fighting to stay alive as you combine Eikonic abilities, companions, party members, and your own skills. But, you won’t survive if you don’t have potions or know where to get them from, as with any other game in the series.

How to get potions in Final Fantasy 16

You can get more potions in Final Fantasy 16 by buying them from a merchant or finding them while exploring the map and killing creatures. If you want to hold more potions, you will need to complete two side quests: Weird Science and Even Weirder Science. Each quest will allow Clive to hold two more potions and one more hi potion. 

Completing two additional side quests, The Root of the Problem and Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol, will increase your healing potency allowing you to recover more of your health with each potion use.

Final Fantasy 16 Get Potions: The merchant can be seen

Overall, potions are quite plentiful throughout the game and you will be able to buy them most of the time you need to stock up, not even counting the ones you will find in the wild. So, while you get to grips with the combat, you may need to spend a bit of money in the early game. But, as you progress throughout the full Final Fantasy 16 length, you should have more than enough, in addition to the Elixirs you can hold as well.

With the full knowledge of how to get more potions in Final Fantasy 16, you can keep going through the Final Fantasy 16 quests to experience one of the best PS5 games and best RPG games. For even more tips to help you out, check out our guide on the best abilities in Final Fantasy 16 and the rest of our tips in our Final Fantasy 16 walkthrough article.