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How to use Final Fantasy 16 Active Time Lore

Find out exactly what the Final Fantasy 16 Active Time Lore is and how often you are able to pull it up during the game and in cutscenes.

Final Fantasy 16 Active Time Lore: A character can be seen

Are you wondering how to use Final Fantasy 16’s Active Time Lore? This feature is one of Square Enix’s most useful and necessary additions to the series in the latest game, as it tells a broader multi-kingdom-spanning story set across the entirety of Valisthea. As such, keeping track of everything going on is not an easy task, especially if you have to go to work or school between play sessions. The Final Fantasy 16 Active Time Lore feature aims to solve this issue.

But, what does it cover and just how detailed are the lore entries you can read in the middle of playing? This guide touches on exactly how Active Time Lore works in Final Fantasy 16, how to use it at any point, and where you can find a library of all the lore and information in the game.

How to activate Final Fantasy 16 Active Time Lore

You can activate Active Time Lore in Final Fantasy 16 by holding the touchpad at any time or pressing the touchpad on the Dualsense controller while the game is paused. This opens up a selection of lore entries, explainers, and information about the characters, world, and people you are talking to or the part of Valisthea you are in at the time. 

This is a super useful feature as it is available at any point, as we mentioned, even during cutscenes (and there are a lot of them). Final Fantasy 16 tells a sprawling epic tale which we highlighted in our very own Callum Self‘s thorough Final Fantasy 16 review. It can be hard to keep track of all the in-universe kingdoms, characters, and factions. This feature solves that issue by presenting you with the relevant explanations and core information you need to know in the moment you open it.

Whether it be items, specific individuals, or you just need a refresher on a particular part of the world, Active Time Lore gives you it.

Final Fantasy 16 Active Time Lore: The Active Time Lore can be seen

Final Fantasy 16 Active Time Lore explained

The Final Fantasy 16 Active Time Lore is an in-the-moment lore repository that dynamically changes and shifts based on the scenes you are watching. It presents summary information about kingdoms, factions, Final Fantasy 16’s Eikons, the core Final Fantasy 16 characters, and more.

It’s an incredibly innovative feature for RPGs that presents information you would normally find in log entries in a more engaging and simplified way. Instead of hitting you in the face with five paragraphs of lore, Square Enix trims down the information and only presents you with the basics of what you need to know.

But, the longer entries and information can be found at the Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway or with a visit to The Thousand Tomes. As such, we would be surprised if some of the best RPG games coming out over the next few years don’t adopt the feature.

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That covers what you need to know about the Final Fantasy 16 Active Time Lore feature. It is key to keeping track of everything going on in Final Fantasy 16’s Valisthea. For even more guides on the story and the gameplay then check out our Final Fantasy 16 walkthrough, which is packed full of useful information.