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FIFA 23 release time for every region is almost here

The FIFA 23 release time for all versions of the game is almost here, so here's when you'll be able to start playing EA Sports' final FIFA game

FIFA 23 release time: Neymar wearing the dark blue kit of PSG in FIFA 23

Here we go, folks – the FIFA 23 release time is arriving. Whether you’re a FUT Transfer Market trader, a Career Mode crusader that wants to take Ted Lasso to the top, or simply a fervent football fan that’s itching to see the FIFA 23 ratings for their favourite team, it’s a momentous occasion on the gaming calendar.

With World Cup modes, a new chemistry system in Ultimate Team, and the burden of being EA Sports’ last football game to bear the FIFA name, FIFA 23 is one of the most highly anticipated entries in the series in recent years.

As a result, players will go to extra lengths to get their hands on the game as early as possible, even if it’s for the sake of a few hours, and the now widely-practised ‘New Zealand method’ is one way to bring that FIFA 23 release time forward.

For those that have purchased the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition, congratulations, you’re already in!

For those awaiting the full release for all other editions of the game, the FIFA 23 release time will be at 00:01 in your region on September 30.

With this staggered time zone release, New Zealand will be one of the first places to get full access to the game. As is the case with a lot of regional releases, players in other parts of the world are switching their console account’s details to make the system think they’re in New Zealand to get FIFA 23 earlier than intended. If you’re not willing to do that though, you’ll have to wait for the clock to hit midnight in your region.

So, while you sit and watch the clock tick away until the FIFA 23 release time, why not get prepared for another year of competing, trading, puzzling, and drafting in Ultimate Team. For completing SBCs, here’s our FIFA 23 cheapest players guide, and here are some of the best FIFA 23 tactics for defeating your opponents.