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FIFA 23 tactics - every option and how they work

FIFA 23's Tactics are a way for you to implement a strategy as you play and this article will cover all the different ways you can tweak them

Tactics are, of course, back in FIFA 23 and these customisable sliders and options help you to alter your tactics for your team during and before a match. Your players will then react to your decisions related to the FIFA 23 tactics.

And, on top of the sliders already implemented by EA, you have the option to choose ‘custom tactics’ for Ultimate Team which allows you to adjust your tactics style for each mode, perfecting forms, scenarios, and more. These should all help you improve at the game and really get a handle on managing your team while playing.

Below, you can find an overview of all the FIFA 23 tactics that have been leaked. That way you will know what each of the options means before you start adjusting how your team plays.

FIFA 23 tactics

FIFA 23 has a number of different tactics options for you to choose from. They are

Defence tactics

The list of defence tactics isn’t huge but focuses mostly on the style of your defence, as well as how wide or deep that defence is when you don’t have possession of the ball.

  • Defensive style – the variety of defensive style options governs how your team presses on the ball, whether they are focused on maintaining pressure or holding back. It also covers how you capitalise on opportunities the opponents leave for you.
  • Defence width – the width options change how wide your defence is and whether they are spread across the pitch or focused on a specific area
  • Defence depth – the depth of your defence is mainly centred on how far you have to travel to put pressure on the ball.

Offence tactics

Offence tactics are all about how your team behaves when driving the ball to the opponent’s goal and where they are positioned during crosses, corners, and free kicks.

  • Build-up play – the build-up play option is related to how your team advances on the pitch, pushes up towards the opponents’ goal, and what opportunities they take.
  • Chance creation – this option is mostly focused on how your team creates opportunities for other players in the team when it comes to attacking and scoring.
  • Width – the offensive width relates to how much your team will shift to the ball side and where your passing opportunities will be
  • Players in box – when it comes to the players in a box option, this tactic governs how many players make runs into the penalty box when crossing
  • Corners – this penultimate tactic for the offence is related to the placement of teammates in the opposition’s penalty area during corner kicks.
  • Free kicks – finally, the free kicks tactic covers how many of your players are in the opposition’s penalty area during free kicks.

And there you have it. These tactics are what were revealed thanks to players getting access to the game early in August 2022. More detailed options like Game Plans and individual choices for each tactic won’t be revealed until we get closer to the release of the game. But, we will keep this guide updated once we can get our hands on it.

That covers our guide on the FIFA 23 tactics, which should help you get a handle on what all the options mean and how they all work. But, if you are looking for more deep dives into the game, our other guides on FIFA 23 crossplay and the FIFA 23 chemistry in Ultimate Team to get a better idea of how everything in the game works.