When will FIFA 22 be on Game Pass?

When will FIFA 22 come out on Game Pass thanks to it being added to the EA Play library?

A player can be seen dribbling the ball.

The FIFA 22 release date is just a few weeks away, and players on Xbox and PC are keen to get stuck into the game and experience the changes that have been made to this year’s entry. With EA Play included in Game Pass, players are keen to know when FIFA 22 will hit the Game Pass library.

FIFA 22 has a host of new features and upgrades, with a lot of reworks to mechanics and systems as well. FIFA 22 Division Rivals has seen a big rework with new mechanics and rewards and FIFA 22 HyperMotion aims to elevate the game on next-gen platforms.

But enough about what we already know about FIFA 22. Let’s get into FIFA 22 and Xbox Game Pass, answering the key questions: ‘Is FIFA 22 available on Game Pass?’ and ‘when will FIFA 22 be on Game Pass?’


FIFA 22 should be available on Game Pass at some point in May 2022. FIFA 21 was added to EA Play and Game Pass in May 2021, so it would make sense to see FIFA 22 hit Game Pass at a similar time next year, providing EA play continues to be a part of the Game Pass library.

That should answer the key question of when does FIFA 22 come out on Game Pass?

EA Sports games are a significant part of the Game Pass games available on the service. You can see the full Game Pass games list here. A number of games are set to join the service in September, a few of which are known already in our list of the September 2021 Game Pass games.

If you are planning to play the game, be sure to check out our guides on FIFA 22, including the FIFA 22 career mode features and FIFA 22 best kits.

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