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FIFA 22 Division Rivals rewards, ranks, and more

Here's what FIFA 22 Rivals rewards you could get your hands on if you were a dedicated player with your eyes on the prize.

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With new players, formations, and tactics, FIFA 22 offered a great opportunity for Ultimate Team fans to grind for some tasty FIFA 22 Division Rivals rewards.

Division Rivals is one of – if not the – most popular mode in FIFA games due to the fact it allows you to go toe to toe with other players online using your very own team. This was no different in FIFA 22, especially as the mode was very similar to its previous incarnations, but the rewards you could earn as you grinded through the ranks weren’t.

That’s because, in FIFA 22, EA overhauled the system to reduce the grind. A seasonal progression system was added, and a new division for the best of the best, known as the Elite Division, sat at the top of the FIFA 22 Division Rivals ranks.

FIFA 22 Division Rivals ranks

In FIFA 22, Division Rivals was a six-week seasonal competition and as such had a new ladder system that allowed you to see more openly what your rank was and what your next steps were.

FIFA 22 Division Rivals ranks were represented by a number and reflected your progress within a Division. All players started in Division 10 but had the chance to move higher up the ladder depending on their performance.

In every Division, there were several ranks to grind, split up by stages. Winning a match of Division Rivals moved you forward one stage, and losing a match moved you back one stage – unless you were on a checkpoint, which stopped players from losing progress at given points. Drawing did not result in any losses or gains.

However, winning two consecutive matches would start a win-streak, which was depicted by a flame icon, and this helped you progress an additional stage for every consecutive win.

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FIFA 22 Division Rivals seasons

Division Rivals in FIFA 22 was also now seasonal, meaning competitions lasted approximately six weeks.

During that time, players had the chance to grind the ranks and earn better rewards, including Milestone rewards.

Once that time period was up though, your progress would be reset to the next lowest division for your rank.

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FIFA 22 Division Rivals rewards

There were two different types of Division Rivals rewards up for grabs in FIFA 22, the weekly and Milestone rewards that required varying levels of effort to earn.

Weekly rewards required players to win a set amount of games per week, and then gave three rewards to pick from:

  • Four wins – base rewards
  • Eight wins – boosted rewards

On the other hand, milestone rewards were released at the end of every season and were rewarded based on your match history. In other words, you just had to play a lot of FIFA 22 to get the most out of the milestone rewards. The good news is that it didn’t matter if you won or lost, just that you sat down and played the full match.

  • Milestone reward 1 – 20 matches
  • Milestone reward 2 – 50 matches
  • Milestone reward 3 – 90 matches

As you can see, if you wanted the best milestone reward, then you needed to play a whopping 90 matches.

So there you have it, all the FIFA 22 Division Rivals rewards and how you could earn them back in the day.