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Far Cry 6 DLC release date - Become the Villain DLC, Special Operations, and more

When can we expect the Far Cry 6 DLC release date and Ubisoft to add more content to the game?

Far Cry 6 DLC release date: Vaas, Joseph Seed, and Pagan Min can all be seen standing alongside one another.

Far Cry 6 has already been a pretty big success for Ubisoft, with players loving the location of Yara and the gameplay changes the studio has implemented. Because of this, players are hungry for more content outside of the main story. Alongside a number of pieces of free DLC, Ubisoft has three DLC packs called Become The Villain that let you play as villains from across the series’ history.

But when can players expect the Far Cry 6 DLC release date so they can experience the three DLC packs which are available to buy separately or with the Season Pass? Each one will offer a unique dive into the mystery surrounding the lives of Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed. Plus, there are various other Special Operations and pop culture-inspired missions that will also be added to the game, so there are plenty of Far Cry 6 DLC release dates to keep tabs on.

Here’s a rundown of all the bonus DLC content for Far Cry 6 and when you can get your hands on it all.

Far Cry 6 DLC Release Date

The final DLC mission release date for Far Cry 6 is March 24, 2022, with the Stranger Things mission titled “The Vanishing”.

Far Cry 6 paid DLC release date

The Far Cry 6 paid DLC release dates were set for November 2021, January 2022, and March 2022. All three experiences can be purchased individually or come as part of the Far Cry 6 Season Pass.

Also included in the paid Season Pass is the remaster of Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon spin-off experience, which was released in December 2021.

Far Cry 6 Special Operation release dates

In addition to the main DLC, players will be able to try new Special Operations. The first two Special Operations, Cocodrilo and Los Tres Santos, released in October 2021, and the final two, Peruta Del Edén and Malagua, released in November 2021.

Far Cry 6 crossover mission release dates

Finally, Ubisoft has planned three crossover missions with famous people or franchises. December 2021 saw the mission Danny & Dani vs. Everybody added to the game, which brings in actor Danny Trejo. In February 2022, Far Cry steps into the jungle with a Rambo crossover mission called All The Blood. Finally, March 2022 will take you to the upside-down with a crossover mission based on Stranger Things called The Vanishing.

Far Cry 6 DLC Release Date: The roadmap can be seen, showing off when players can expect both paid and free DLC for Far Cry 6.

That covers everything we know about the Far Cry 6 DLC release date. If you are working your way through the game and want some tips, why not check out our Far Cry 6 walkthrough.