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Is Fable mulitplayer co-op?

Find out if Playground Games' upcoming RPG will allow you to make friends so you can journey across a fantasy land together thanks to Fable multiplayer co-op.

Fable Multiplayer: A fairy can be seen

Are you curious if Fable multiplayer co-op will be available in the upcoming RPG? The return of the franchise is on the way after a long dormant period following the closure of Lionhead Studios. But, Playground Games are taking over the franchise after perfecting the open-world formula in Forza Horizon.

Very little is known about the game right now, largely because the studio has been silent ever since it revealed the game in 2020. But, it does have a chance of being one of the best Xbox games, so hopefully, it can also join our best Xbox co-op games list with multiplayer features too.

Is Fable multiplayer co-op?

Fable multiplayer or co-op hasn’t been confirmed or announced yet by Rare. The game hasn’t shown off any gameplay yet and we have only seen a teaser trailer so we are unlikely to know if multiplayer is featured in the game until closer to the launch and Playground Games reveal more.

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We should hopefully get more information on the game soon, so multiplayer could be confirmed when we finally see gameplay. But, when that will be, we just don’t know.

That covers if you can expect Fable multiplayer co-op when the next entry in the series finally comes out. While you wait for the game to arrive, why not check out what else we know about the RPG ahead of the Fable release date on Xbox and PC?