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New F1 Manager 2023 features sit management sim in pole position

Frontier Developments has detailed new F1 Manager 2023 features that aim to elevate this management sim to pole position for Formula One fans on PS5, and Xbox.

F1 Manager 2023 new features reveal: an image of Max Verstappen from the management sim

The next F1 Manager game is approaching the start-finish line and Frontier Developments has detailed a myriad of new F1 Manager 2023 features that aim to elevate gameplay by offering players deeper management systems in areas unexplored in last year’s game and – with any luck – more dramatic feature races with dynamic racing lines, advancements in tyre temperature mechanics, and a new Driver Confidence system. When it comes to upcoming PS5 games and upcoming Xbox games, F1 Manager 2023 is definitely one game worth being excited about.

But, you want details, right? Well, we have a handful of those to share with you – and, we should find out quite a lot more about this sequel between now and the F1 Manager 2023 release date.

One of the biggest changes coming to F1 Manager 2023 is the introduction of the Sporting Director role. This is going to afford players more control over the management of their team’s pit crew, the training schedule they’re on, and whether you should really risk shaving off a few tenths per pit stop.

Interestingly, there’s also new weight requirements and regulations to keep an eye on. We don’t know how your drivers will affect this just yet, but we fully expect this to add an interesting dynamic to car development. If you want a glimpse of what this will look like, you can check out a screenshot of F1 Manager 2023’s development menu below – and spot the “Total Extra Weight” indicator at the bottom of the Components list.

F1 Manager 2023 new features reveal weight limit: an image of a menu from the management sim

Speaking of dynamics, Frontier Developments is also introducing a new Driver Confidence system which – along with shifting racing lines and improved tyre mechanics – should make each race you undertake more dramatic, dynamic, and exciting. This is something F1 Manager 2022 suffered from somewhat – outside of the final few laps, of course.

However, these changes do sound like a promising improvement to the race day experience on the whole. Not to mention the fact that a Driver Confidence system adds a little more personality to this crucial part of your team. You can see that new indicator in action below:

F1 Manager 2023 new features reveal Driver Confidence: an image of Max Verstappen in-game from the management sim

It also looks like F1 Manager 2023 is getting a Race Replay mode, which should let you go back and try to tweak any results from your 23-race season. For example, if you’re not happy with missing out on the points in Monaco, you should be able to go back and try a new strategy. Although, as we all know, overtaking isn’t easy in Monaco. We don’t know how this will affect any career mode saves, but it could be a useful tool for players who feel as though they’ve made a crucial – and avoidable – mistake throughout the season.

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F1 Manager 2022 was something of a life-ruiner when it came out, a time-sink that you didn’t want to escape from. Will F1 Manager 2023 be the same? Well, if you’re looking forward to the F1 23 release date – which could be one of the best racing games available when it drops – or the next Grand Prix weekend, of course, it might just be. F1 Manager 2022 was missing one key feature, though, and it looks like F1 Manager 2023 will follow-suit with that. So, that’s something to keep in mind.