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Exoprimal module system details emerge in new action-packed gameplay

Capcom team-based shooter Exoprimal gets an expanded look with director Hiraoka Takuro, including a deeper dive into the Exoprimal module system.

Exoprimal module system

Resident Evil developer Capcom is whipping up some dino delights with Exoprimal, the upcoming team-based third-person shooter for PS5 and Xbox consoles. To give players an expanded glimpse of the game before the Exoprimal release date, game director Hiraoka Takuro invites fans along to a YouTube preview – which also reveals more about the Exoprimal module system.

Following the Exoprimal beta dates, Takuro explains that he “would like to explain more about Exoprimal’s module system” in the 35-minute gameplay showcase. Within your Exosuit upgrades, Takuro says that “up to three modules can be equipped for each suit. Certain modules can be set in each of these slots.”

The Exoprimal beta briefly dug into these options, revealing that an in-game currency known as Bikcoins can be used to purchase different modules.

However, as the beta restricted certain features, it wasn’t clear what modules could be equipped. Now, we know that modules such as the Damage Chain module and the Crisis Module can be unlocked with this currency. “The Crisis Module increases movement speed when a suit’s health is below a certain level […] modules also have levels that can be upgraded with Bikcoins,” Takuro details.

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In return for using your currency, the effect of the module is greatly increased. With plenty of choices seemingly available as your progress develops, Takuro does clarify that “some modules can only be equipped in certain slots.” Specifically, the game director expresses that “gray modules, or base modules can be used in any slot.” Only one of each can be equipped to an Exosuit, so you can forget any dreams of stacking some of the game’s more potent upgrades.

Paired with Exoprimal crossplay, banding together with your buddies and experimenting with different Exosuit builds already sounds awesome. The Loadout’s Exoprimal preview notes how Exoprimal’s chaotic multiplayer is already a winning formula, but it may need some variation when it comes to game modes.

Hopefully, with enough variety and customization options, Exoprimal might be one of the best PS5 multiplayer games to drop later this year.