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If you love esports, come take our quick survey

If you read The Loadout regularly, then you’ll know we love talking about esports. From LoL Worlds 2020 to Cloud9’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive colossal rebuild, there’s something there for everyone – especially in the day and age where pretty much all tournaments are being played online.

So if you’ve spent most of lockdown watching League of Legends or waiting for Andreas ‘Xyp9x’ Højsleth’s return to Astralis’ core roster, then we want to get to know you better. We’re running a survey to find out more about the esports titles you watch, how long you watch them for, and if you play them too.

It’s being organised by our parent company, Network N, with the sole idea of finding out what games you all enjoy watching, reading about, and, of course, playing. We’ll use this information to help inform our strategy so we can give you more of what you love on this lime green website of ours.

The survey itself shouldn’t take too long to complete (probably around five to ten minutes) and it features straight forward questions about your viewing and playing habits. We’ve embedded it below to make things nice and easy:

Create your own user feedback survey

Don’t worry if you’re not a massive esports fan and you’re here more for our FIFA 21 Puzzle Master SBC solution – you can still take the survey. Some of the questions might not be relevant to your interests, but there is still lots of value in your answers, and, honestly, we’re just keen to figure out what games you’re playing and watching at the moment.

If you’re still not keen, then don’t worry – we won’t take it to heart. Just make sure you check out the rest of the site since there are loads of lovely news, guides, and features for you to sink your teeth into.