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Escape From Tarkov players want Scav queues to be randomised

At the moment the Scav queue allows players to pick a location of their choice, but what if that system was randomised to incentivise risk-taking?

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Escape From Tarkov Scav queues are a great way to earn some free gear, especially if you’re luck is down and died one too many times as a PMC. At the moment, players can opt to take their Scav to a map of their choice and loot away fairly risk free. But some players feel this system doesn’t go far enough to address farming in-game and want to see a random priority queue that incentivises you to take more risks.

Under this system, players have two choices for their Scav runs: picking a map of their choice or picking a random priority queue that would load them into a random Escape From Tarkov map. If you picked the latter and survived your run, Fence would give you extra reputation points, which, in turn, give your Scavs better loot.

It sounds good, right? Well, it’s just a concept at the moment first dreamed up by Redditor xooxel and added to by the community, namely BulkoIV. They argue that the random queues would populate quieter maps, keep things active until the later stages of a raid, and incentivise players of all abilities.

By randomly joining maps, new and inexperienced players would get to grips with unfamiliar locations and lose their fear of venturing into the unknown and more experienced players would get the chance of improving their relationship with Fence.

While this system isn’t for everyone, it certainly offers players a choice and that’s resonated with the community. So far the post has hit the front page of the Escape From Tarkov subreddit, garnering 2,800 upvotes on Reddit at the time of writing.

Battlestate Games hasn’t commented on the idea just yet, but the developers are engaged with the community, so who knows what might be included in the next big patch.

Still, players have got plenty to sink their teeth into at the moment. With a new Escape From Tarkov wipe, the Lighthouse expansion with three nasty bosses, and offline co-op, this extraction looter is keeping the populous entertained at the moment.