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Escape From Tarkov offline co-op is coming, but only for EoD players

A new Tarkov TV stream has revealed we're getting a whole host of features in the next patch, including Escape From Tarkov offline co-op for EoD players

Escape From Tarkov offline coop: A BEAR hides behind a wall as a Scav enters a bathroom looking for him

Escape From Tarkov‘s offline matches have long been a way for players to get to grips with Battlestate Games’ hardcore extraction shooter but, so far, you’ve only been play it alone. Now it looks like Escape From Tarkov is getting an offline co-op mode, but it’ll only be available for those who’ve purchased the Edge of Darkness edition.

The new feature made its debut on the Tarkov TV Twitch stream on June 9, where Battlestate Games COO Nikita Buyanov noted it’ll be entering its testing phase soon and will be available for anyone who has picked up the most expensive edition of the game mostly due to the fact that servers will be hosted by Battlestate itself.

The mode will allow dozens of players to come together in one server and take on Scavs and their associated bosses in an offline setting. There’ll be options to spawn as groups of around 11 people, Buyanov notes, and will help players learn how to play in big groups while working to defeat enemy forces.

However, while the mode is going to be locked to EoD players initially, Buyanov admits this “may change in the future.” Given the mode has to go through various iteratrions of testing, though, don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

The Twitch stream also highlighted several other changes coming to the game, including a nightvision rework. We also know that as of the next patch Fence will start handing player scavs daily tasks to complete on their raids.

Buyanov also touched briefly on the upcoming Escape From Tarkov wipe, confirming it will be coming with the new patch. When that’ll be though, he doesn’t know. “It’s almost ready,” he says, “but we need to polish it.”

Before we get to that point though, we’ll need to work our way through the many pre-wipe events Battlestate has in store for us. And then – and only then – can we enjoy the joy of a full reset and all the goodies that come with it.