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FIFA 23 icon signs up to EA Sports FC Futures as brand ambassador

EA Sports' upcoming soccer game, EA Sports FC, is going to usher in a new era for FIFA fans on PS5, Xbox, and PC, and Zizou has just signed up as an ambassador.

EA Sports FC Futures Zinedine Zidane: Zizou in FIFA 23

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time with the best soccer games out there, you’re probably looking forward to EA Sports FC – the developer’s first soccer game without the FIFA organization’s partnership and backing. Don’t let this worry you, though. EA Sports FC is going to feature just as many licensed players, teams, and leagues as FIFA 23 – maybe even more – and leaks are teasing a rather huge overhaul to one often overlooked FUT system. Now, legendary French soccer player Zinedine Zidane has signed on to EA Sports FC’s FUTURES as a brand ambassador – which could tease in-game content from the soccer player is coming.

Ahead of the EA Sports FC release date, EA Sports has revealed that Zinedine Zidane (nicknamed Zizou) is “an EA Sports FC FUTURES ambassador with David Beckham“. If you’re wondering what this actually means, allow us to explain.

EA Sports FC FUTURES is, and we quote, “a plan to meaningfully invest in community-level [soccer] on a global scale with the purpose of growing the game for all”. Throughout the next three years, and hopefully beyond, EA Sports is going to invest in a number of grassroots-level soccer projects to both promote EA Sports FC’s new branding and the beautiful game itself.

Kicking off with the Rocky and Wrighty Arena in South London, England, EA Sports FC is partnering with UEFA to make sure this project isn’t just limited to one nation. Arsenal and Crystal Palace legend Ian Wright, Chelsea hero Emma Hayes, and Inter Miami FC president David Beckham are now joined by Zizou – who will help continue the good work this foundation has done already.

If you’re wondering how this is going to help EA Sports FC become one of the best soccer games out there, you’re not alone – and it’s quite hard to say. What this could mean, though, is special Zinedine Zidane themed content in-game when it drops. EA Sports has been known to collaborate with professional soccer players alongside artists and content creators in the past to create unique cosmetics for FUT – and we can see the developer continuing this trend.

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However, only time will tell whether this partnership between Zizou and EA Sports will evolve into anything more exciting in-game. For now, you can find out more about whether EA Sports FC will have Pro Clubs here and why we need this new soccer game to give us a ‘claim all’ button. Trust us, we need this.