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EA Sports FC leaks tease huge overhaul to often overlooked FUT system

Electronic Arts' new football game is on the way and EA Sports FC leaks suggest a new Trait system is being developed that could revolutionize gameplay.

EA Sports FC leaks traits overhaul: an image of Rashford from Manchester United on FIFA 23

We know Electronic Arts and FIFA have had a bit of a falling out, but it sounds like EA Sports FC is going to be just fine – if the leaks are to be believed, anyway. Why are we saying that? Well, there are leak-like rumours online that EA is developing an improved Trait system for its upcoming football game – one that’s going to, with any luck, make each player feel even more unique going forwards.

Detailed online by FIFA content creator ‘FutSherrif‘, EA is reportedly developing a “Traits 2.0” system for EA Sports FC. Available as a Transfer Market item, these improved Traits will reportedly add “noticeable gameplay benefits” and “unique animations” to both individual players and teams as a whole. The example FutSheriff uses here is a Trait named “Team Sprinting” – something that will give everyone on your team a stamina boost, allegedly.

Adding to this, FutSherrif has also shared that there will be two different categories of Trait in EA Sports FC: Base, and Icon. If everything FutSherrif says is true, these Traits will be available in seven different categories: Scoring, Passing, Defending, Dribbling, Physical, Goal Keeping, and FUT-specifc gameplay (whatever that means).

They also suggest that these traits will bring “enhanced player realism” to EA Sports FC through “more Trait diversity” that will “reflect real-life player characteristics”.

Interestingly, they also claim that this new system will help to combat the curse of FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode nowadays – where the OVR ratings of players shoots through the roof within the first few months. Why? Well, because players could potentially be upgraded through this system, rather than changes to their raw stats.

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Of course, this is all speculation – so take it with a rather large grain of salt – but, it’s certainly exciting to see what EA could do with EA Sports FC in the future. There’s so much potential for the developer to refresh their football games and, with any luck, improve upon them.

To find out more about the EA Sports FC 24 release date, you should check this out. You can also read about how EA Sports FC brushes off FIFA with new branding and a content promise right here. Will this new football game be one of the best games of all time? Who’s to say, really. We’ll just have to wait and see.