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Dying Light 2 Walking Dead crossover teases event “like never before”

Techland is collaborating with The Walking Dead for an exciting Dying Light 2 crossover, as developer Skybound Games teams up to deliver hordes of zombies.

Dying Light 2 Walking Dead crossover event

The city of Villedor is full of terrifying threats in Dying Light 2, and using the best Dying Light 2 skills is crucial for survival. But those pesky undead foes are about to meet their maker, as developer Techland begins to tease a Dying Light 2 The Walking Dead crossover for players across PS5 and Xbox consoles.

Techland continues to deliver post-launch content for one of the best Xbox zombie games, as it announces the very intriguing collaboration. “Dying Light 2 joins forces with The Walking Dead by Skybound Games in a thrilling crossover event,” Techland shares on its official Twitter account. Players can expect to “survive, scavenge, and slay the undead like never before.”

A release date for the Dying Light 2 x The Walking Dead collaboration is yet to be revealed, but the key art accompanying the tweet prompts interest. Rather than lean into the aesthetic set by the highly popular AMC TV show, the crossover is utilizing the distinct art style used in the graphic novels created by Robert Kirkman and drawn by artist Tony Moore.

Moreover, The Walking Dead fans may know that Skybound Games is a division of Skybound Entertainment – owned by Kirkman.

Dying Light 2 The Walking Dead crossover event ps5 xbox

Skybound Games is behind the development of several indie games, and aided in the creation of two episodes for Telltale’s The Walking Dead The Final Season, following the company’s collapse in October 2018. Dying Light 2’s latest event, Bloody Nights, goes live on July 13, 2023, and brings a new set of goals for players to complete in exchange for sweet loot.

If you fancy booting Dying Light 2 up to your hands on some new rewards, the Bloody Nights event goals are as follows:

  • Participation Goal: Loot 1 Valuables during the Night Reward: 3 Huntress’ Regular Mission Tickets
  • Pilgrim Outpost Warm-Up Goal: Loot 40 Valuables during the Night Reward: 3 Huntress’ Elite Mission Tickets
  • Personal Goal: Loot 250 Valuables during the Night Reward: Crossbow + Bolts Blueprint
  • Community Goal: Loot 25 000 000 Valuables during the Night Reward: The Prick’s Outfit
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Taking on a different approach to zombie behavior, Dying Light 2’s enemies are far more volatile at night than fighting them in daylight. Armed with enhanced strength and increased speed, running across the rooftops of Villedor is guaranteed to get your heart racing.

We’re still waiting for a standalone COD Zombies game to emerge, but if you’re a fan of games like Dead Island 2, then you’re likely to get some fun out of arguably one of the best PS5 open world games around.