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Does Disney Speedstorm have split-screen local co-op?

Find out if you can play this racing game on consoles and PC locally with your friends in the same room thanks to Disney Speedstorm split-screen co-op.

Disney Speedstorm Split Screen: Hercules can be seen

You’ll be pleased to hear that Disney Speedstorm does have split-screen local co-op options that allow you to play together on the couch or in the same room. This is available on all platforms and in every mode, however, it is limited to two players on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, with other platforms allowing for up to four players.

These split-screen options can be used across the different Disney Speedstorm modes from local play to online and in the various challenges available. When playing locally, you can all pick different characters, and karts, customising them however you like. It really is up to you how you play when trying out Disney Speedstorm.

With different classes of racers each with their own specialities, unique skills, and tools in races, the variety of Disney Speedstorm characters really is on show when playing in local co-op, especially if you are all competing with one another.

Thankfully, though, you don’t have to worry about losing out if you want to play online as there is a robust suite of multiplayer options across platforms. You can even play with your friends on other platforms thanks to Disney Speedstorm crossplay.

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Now you know about the options when it comes to Disney Speedstorm split screen, why not take a look at how you can maybe bring those friends along with you to play online? They will need to buy one of the Disney Speedstorm Founder’s Packs, but they offer quite a bit to get you started.