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Disney Speedstorm characters

There are plenty of Disney Speedstorm characters you can choose to play as, with plenty of racers ready to speed past the finish line.

If you’re excited about racing around as some iconic Disney racers, you’ll want to know all Disney Speedstorm characters before getting into the driver’s seat. From classic characters like Beast to Mickey Mouse himself, there is a wide range of fan favourites to choose from.

We’re about to get the green light to play Disney Speedstorm before the Disney Speedstorm release date arrives, after months of the game having closed beta tests. So, if you’re hoping to unlock some racers and beat your friends, you don’t have to wait too long.

Disney Speedstorm characters

There are 17 Disney Speedstorm characters:

  • Beast – Beauty and the Beast
  • Belle – Beauty and the Beast
  • Hercules – Hercules
  • Meg – Hercules
  • Donald Duck – Mickey Mouse and Friends
  • Mickey Mouse – Mickey Mouse and Friends
  • Goofy – Mickey Mouse and Friends
  • Mulan – Mulan
  • Li Shang – Mulan
  • Elizabeth Swann – Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Baloo – The Jungle Book
  • Mowgli – The Jungle Book
  • Figment – Walt Disney World
  • Sulley – Monsters, Inc.
  • Mike Wazowski – Monsters, Inc.
  • Randall – Monsters, Inc.
  • Celia Mae – Monsters, Inc.

Disney Speedstorm characters: Beast in Disney Speedstorm


Beast is a human who was transformed into an animal-like creature as a punishment for arrogance, with the curse being broken once he falls in love, and they fall in love in return. In Disney Speedstorm, Beast is a Defender and has a unique skill called Enchanted Rose, which when used scares racers in front of him.

Disney Speedstorm characters: Belle in Disney Speedstorm


Belle is the heroine of Beauty and the Beast, and the love interest of the aforementioned Beast. In the game, Belle is part of the Speedster class, and has the unique skill Enchanted Mirror, which conjures furniture that stuns opponents.

Disney Speedstorm characters: Hercules in Disney Speedstorm


Hercules is the son of the gods Zeus and Hera, making himself a god too. He’s a strong and confident man who is known to be quite clumsy at times. He’s a Brawler in Disney Speedstorm, with a unique skill called Olympian Flyby, which calls upon Pegasus. If you follow behind Pegasus as Hercules, you can use his trail to speed up.

Disney Speedstorm characters: Meg in Disney Speedstorm


Originally a minion of Hades, the Lord of the Underworld, Megara (better known as Meg) is known to be defiant and has a rebellious attitude. While she does trick Hercules a few times during the events of the movie, she develops feelings for him, causing Hercules to avoid immortality with the gods and stay with Meg. It makes sense, then, that she is a Trickster in Disney Speedstorm, with a unique skill called Grecian Burn that speeds her car up and allows her to overtake opponents.

Disney Speedstorm characters: Donald Duck in Disney Speedstorm

Donald Duck

This short-tempered duck needs no introduction. Donald Duck has been a staple of Disney alongside Mickey Mouse and Goofy. Thanks to his attitude, Donald Duck is a Brawler, and has the unique skill Why I Oughta, which protects Donald from one hit and gets him angry once his protection has broke.

Disney Speedstorm characters: Mickey Mouse in Disney Speedstorm

Mickey Mouse

One of the most iconic characters in cartoon history, Mickey Mouse was certain to be part of Disney Speedstorm. He’s a Speedster in Disney Speedstorm, with a unique skill called Trailblazer, that gives him a musical speed boost which leaves a trail that speeds up other racers.

Disney Speedstorm characters: Goofy in Disney Speedstorm


Goofy makes up the iconic Mickey Mouse trio, a tall anthropomorphic dog who is known to be a bit clumsy but with a heart of gold and a lot of care for the people around him. His unique skill and class is currently unknown.

Disney Speedstorm characters: Mulan in Disney Speedstorm


The strong-willed daughter of a Chinese war veteran, Mulan is rebellious and knows how to stay true to herself as well as determined to prove herself and gain the trust and respect of anyone close to her. In Disney Speedstorm, she is a Trickster with the unique skill Firework Barrage that fires a stream of fireworks that stun opponents.

Disney Speedstorm characters: Li Shang in Disney Speedstorm

Li Shang

Li Shang is a Chinese army captain, who hopes to become a great leader and aspires to succeed his father. His training and upbringing gives him some controversial views at first, but he becomes respectful over the course of the movie. Li Shang is part of the Defender class in the game, and his unique skill Military Might throws a wooden staff forward.

Disney Speedstorm characters: Elizabeth Swann in Disney Speedstorm

Elizabeth Swann

A strong-willed and independent character, Elizabeth Swann had always been captivated by piracy from a young age. However, even after becoming a pirate, she is kind and doesn’t change to fit in. She’s a Defender in Disney Speedstorm, and Jade Captain’s Knot, her unique skill, dashes her forward and pushes any unsuspecting racers away.

Disney Speedstorm characters: Jack Sparrow in Disney Speedstorm

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow is an eccentric and mischievous pirate, captain of the Black Pearl, and selfish to a certain degree. However,he usually opts to trick his adversaries instead of fighting, leading him to be a Trickster in Disney Speedstorm. As for his unique skill, Cutlass Flurry activates an aura around Jack that stuns anyone daring to come close.

Disney Speedstorm characters: Baloo in Disney Speedstorm


Baloo from The Jungle Book arrives as a Defender in Disney Speedstorm. This friendly bear is loving and caring, being a protector and friend of Mowgli despite the latter being a human child. His unique skill is Bare Necessities, which makes Baloo invulnerable and throws rotten fruit behind to stun other racers.

Disney Speedstorm characters: Mowgli in Disney Speedstorm


Left as an infant in a jungle and raised by a pack of wolves, Mowgli is a feral child who is shown to be rebellious and stubborn, but is often a cheerful adventurer, who preferred to remain with his friend Baloo instead of re-enter human civilization. Mowgli is a Speedster, with the unique skill One of the Pack, which calls upon wolves that stay near you and provide nitro fuel and stun adversaries.

Disney Speedstorm Characters Figment: Figment can be seen


Hailing from Walt Disney World, Figment is the first non-Disney franchise character in Disney Speedstorm. Unleashing a spark of imagination Figment will utilise a variety of abilities to stay in the race.

Disney Speedstorm characters: Sulley, Mike Wazowski, Celia Mae and Randall in Disney Speedstorm


Mike Wazowski’s best friend and top scarer, Sulley is a large monster that is a hardworking and friendly employee of Monsters Inc. His class and unique skill in Disney Speedstorm are currently unknown.

Mike Wazowski

Mike Wazowski is a one-eyed green monster from Monsters Inc and Sulley’s best friend. He has a fun-loving personality and aspires to be a top scarer alongside Sulley. Like Sulley, his class and unique skill are unknown.


This purple lizard-like monster is a confident, selfish and competitive antagonist of Monsters Inc, and hates Sulley and Mike, trying to always be better and surpass Sulley. His unique skill and class is unknown right now.

Celia Mae

The receptionist of Monsters Inc, Celia Mae is a passionate employee of Monsters Inc and always tries to help Mike and Sulley, and is in love with the latter. Like the rest of the characters in Monsters Inc, her class and unique skill haven’t been announced.

Those are all of the Disney Speedstorm characters you can play as. While you wait to hit the track as Baloo, you can check out the best racing games, including the best PS5 racing games and best Xbox racing games to pass the time.