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Does Disney Speedstorm have crossplay?

Here's if you can play with your friends across platforms with Disney Speedstorm crossplay, whether on online multiplayer or when teaming up in private matches.

Disney Speedstorm Crossplay: Captain Jack can be seen

Disney Speedstorm does have crossplay, which has been confirmed by Gameloft in the official game FAQ. This means that players on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch can all play together and team up, or compete, via their Gameloft ID provided they enable crossplay in the game’s settings.

Crossplay is fundamental to almost every multiplayer game at this point and it is rare to find a competitive game without it, especially if it is released on as many platforms as possible. So, it isn’t too surprising to see crossplay within Disney Speedstorm, especially with a wide cast of Disney Speedstorm characters to play as.

In addition to crossplay, Disney Speedstorm also has full cross-progression, meaning you can carry your progress between these platforms. So, if you are on the go, you can jump to your Switch or return to your desk and PC and pick up from where you were.

So, Gameloft has really thought about the player experience when making Disney Speedstorm. As such, the game can accommodate everyone, which is great to see.

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Now that you know about crossplay in Disney Speedstorm, you can begin racing. There are a lot of systems in the game to properly get a handle on during the Disney Speedstorm early access period, so it is worth understanding and testing out every mode in the game.