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Disney Dreamlight Valley how to get Dreamlight fast

Dreamlight will unlock new locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so here’s how you get Dreamlight fast and explore enchanting places

Disney Dreamlight Valley Get Dreamlight: The valley can be seen

Disney Dreamlight Valley starts in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow. Whilst these places offer lots of adventure, quests, and items, in order to progress in the game you’ll need to unlock more locations. To do so, you’ll need to get Dreamlight fast. Each location comes with a Dreamlight price ranging from 2,000 to unlock the Dream Castle, 5,000 for the Forest of Valor, 7,000 for Sunlit Plateau, and 10,000 for the Forgotten Land to name but a few of the enchanting places.

In this Disney Dreamlight Valley how to get Dreamlight fast guide, we’ll take you through what you need to do to get Dreamlight, how you can spend it, and why you’ll need to remove those dastardly Night Thorns in order to access new areas.

We’ll be honest, you’re going to have to put some time and effort in, but earning Dreamlight also progresses your game in general so it’s absolutely worth doing and a pretty integral part of the overall experience. You just want to know how to do it quickly, right? Well, here’s how.

Disney Dreamlight Valley get Dreamlight: The Dremalight Tasks menu can be seen

Disney Dreamlight Valley how to get Dreamlight

First off, you’ll want to head to the Dreamlight tab in your menu. This is where you’ll find all the ways you can earn Dreamlight, how much you’ll get for a specific task, and how many stages each task holds.

Dreamlight tasks are divided into nine different categories – Dreamlight Duties, Foraging, Mining, Fishing, Cooking, Collection, Friendship, Village, and Mining. You’ll quickly learn which tasks will require more time and effort as opposed to others and from that you’ll be able to divide your time wisely.

For example, Dreamlight Duties are your daily tasks. They’re quite simple really from taking a photo to selling some fish to harvesting a certain amount of fruit or vegetables. They comprise a variety of the other sections in terms of what tasks they fall into but as opposed to the more specific tasks, these are pretty quick and easy to complete.

Then you’ve got the other eight categories to earn Dreamlight in. Mining will ask you to complete tasks such as mining a certain type and amount of gem. Cooking will ask you to cook a certain amount of 1-5 star meals. And Friendship will want you to work your friendships with other villagers. For this, we’ve got the perfect guide on how to form and raise those friendships.

When it comes to friendships, we also have a handy tip. Make sure you’ve selected the hang-out option when interacting with a villager as they can always help you with a specific task you’ve assigned them. For example, if you’ve chosen Goofy to help you with fishing, when you’re collecting fish, hang out with Goofy and now and again he’ll give you more items towards your Dreamlight tasks.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Get Dreamlight: The Dream Shards section of the menu can be seen

A more risky way to get Dreamlight

There’s one other way to earn Dreamlight and that’s through crafting. At a craft table, you can use the Potion & Enchantment recipe for Dreamlight which requires you to use 10 Dream Shards for 250 Dreamlight.

A word of warning though. You’ll need these Dream Shards for other tasks around the Valley and they’re not easy to get hold of, so we’d heavily advise you don’t craft them all away.

Gameloft even gifted 25 Dream Shards to early access players’ mailboxes with a note, “Due to a balancing issue that we are fixing, you may find it hard to get enough Dream Shards to advance in your quest. To compensate, we’re giving you some dream shards now. We recommend you put your Dream Shards in the chest in your home for safekeeping.” So, you’ll want to keep hold of them, if you can. Instead, use our tips above for completing those Dreamlight tasks and you’ll be unlocking new locations in no time.

That’s all the knowledge we can bestow upon you when it comes to Dreamlight. It’s up to you to put in the hard work, but the rewards are great. If you’re after more Dreamlight Disney Valley content, we’ve also got a guide to how to get Star Coins fast, our quests and missions list, and how to get and where to find all the gems.