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Disney Dreamlight Valley how to get Star Coins fast

Are you looking to get Star Coins fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here are some ways you can build up your bank of coins to spend

Disney Dreamlight valley Get Star Coins Fast: Scrooge can be seen by his house.

There are a whole variety of currencies that can be obtained in Disney Dreamlight Valley. But, the one you will use the most in your adventures across Realms and throughout your valley is Star Coins, which form the core of the main buying and selling experience. And this guide will tell you how to get Disney Dreamlight Valley Star coins fast.

With a lot of Star Coins, you can do so much more in Dreamlight Valley. Whether it be buying crops or materials, purchasing upgrades, or sticking it to Scrooge McDuck just because you can, if you don’t have plans in place to get a bunch of Star Coins you should.

Below, you can find our tips on how to get Star Coins fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley, not just by yourself, but also by utilising your friends in your village.

Disney Dreamlight Valley how to get Star Coins fast

There are a number of key ways you can get star coins fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They are:

  • Clean up your valley
  • Sell items
  • Catch and sell fish
  • Mine for gemstones
  • Assign roles to your friends

The earliest and easiest way to get star coins fast in the game is to just completely clean up your valley. Get rid of the vines, pick up plans, sell them, and dig up everything you can see. If you need help doing that, you can find our guide on the shovel location to properly clean up your valley.

Doing this will drop some Star Coins occasionally and this follows into our second point of selling items. Whether it be materials, plants, or crops, sell whatever you can that you don’t need right away to just build up a stockpile of Star Coins.

Some more advanced ways you can earn Star Coins fast are to catch fish and sell them. You can empty your inventory and just catch fish consistently to really build up your stockpile of expensive fish (some can sell for up to 1,000 Star Coins).

The same can be said with Gemstones. When mining rock outcrops within cliffs and the edge of the map, you can occasionally pick up gems and gemstones. These sell for a lot of Star Coins and you will usually find a couple each time you go around your valley and mine the rock.

Finally, our last tip is to assign roles to your Friends as you rank them up. Particularly you want to have them mine and fish. This allows them to catch and get some of those more expensive materials which you can then sell to Scrooge McDuck and make money off of. It is a great bonus as you don’t have to do anything as your villagers will mine and fish on their own and come to you with the items.

This also allows you to mine in locations multiple times and you can sometimes find better fish and high-value gemstones even if they aren’t shown in the water or on the rocks themselves. So, it really pays off to focus on these tips as you get deeper into the experience.

So now you are filling your pockets instead of filling Scrooge McDuck’s, you can begin fully building out your valley and exploring the various Realms on offer. For more help with the game, find out how to increase your inventory space (which conveniently requires Star Coins) and read up on our explanation of how the Exhaustion mechanic works.