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Disney Dreamlight Valley Exhaustion explained - how to recover energy

Are you looking for an overview of Disney Dreamlight Valley Exhaustion? Here is what it is and how to recover from it while in your valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Exhaustion Explained: A player can be seen walking up to a portal with Wall-E standing by

Disney Dreamlight Valley is for the most part a very approachable game that doesn’t blockade you from much. But, there is one mechanic that makes it feel like you are hitting a brick wall every fifteen minutes or so: Exhaustion. This guide will go over Disney Dreamlight Valley Exhaustion and how to recover energy while honing the look of your island.

While Exhaustion seems like a big problem, your energy can actually be recovered relatively easily. It just isn’t clear how to get to that point where you can recover your energy easily.

But, that is what this guide is for. Below you can find our Exhaustion explained guide for Disney Dreamlight Valley and the key ways to recover energy while exploring and crafting.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Exhaustion explained

Exhaustion is a state you reach in Disney Dreamlight Valley when you have taken part in too many activities. It slows you down, prevents you from doing certain actions, and generally isn’t fun.

It is a very restrictive mechanic and can be exceptionally annoying as you are starting out and you don’t have access to ways to recover your energy.

Disney Dreamlight Valley how to recover energy from exhaustion

To recover your energy from exhaustion in Disney Dreamlight Valley you can either go back to your house or eat a meal.

The first is an easy way to recover as all you need to do is walk back to your house or travel there. When it comes to eating a meal, you will either need to have one or unlock cooking and get a stove. This can be quite easily done, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble being able to recover from exhaustion after being pointed in the right direction.

Now you have had Exhaustion explained in Disney Dreamlight Valley before you begin carving away at your island or interacting with the game’s characters, you need to be fully equipped. And in order to be fully equipped, you will need to find the shovel location, watering can location, pickaxe location, and fishing rod location.