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Disney Dreamlight Valley how to level up friendship levels fast

You need to make some great friends to progress in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but here is how to raise friendships levels fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Level Up Friendships Fast: The player and Ana and Elsa can be seen

In Gameloft’s Disney Dreamlight Valley, making friends is a huge part of the game. After all, Disney is built on some of the greatest friendships. To progress, players will need to form friendships and raise and level friendships up fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Whilst the game is in early access, there’s a group of characters to make friends with already and also characters to unlock as you work your way through the game. And there’s plenty of room for more as the game heads out of early access in 2023.

For our Disney Dreamlight Valley friendship guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about making friends, and how to raise and level up your friendship level in Disney Dreamlight Valley fast. There are also ten different friendship tasks in the game that’ll get you Dreamlight – of which we’ve looked further into in our how to get Dreamlight fast guide. For now, let’s see how you’ll make the best of friends with some iconic Disney characters and what they’ll give you in return.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll meet a host of characters from across the Disney world in Realms and every single one of them can be your friend. Whenever you unlock a new character, they’ll automatically become your friend but only at level one. You’ll want to raise this level up to unlock cosmetic items, new quests, and gain their help in different tasks around the game. Our guide to how to unlock all the characters in your village will help you find out who you’ll meet, but we’re here to talk about how you make them your friends.

Each time you reach level two with a friend, you’ll be able to assign them a specific task that they’ll be able to help you with. Mining, foraging, digging, cooking and gardening are all options. Once selected, when you hang out with that specific character whilst doing one of these tasks, they’ll be able to help you find more items. You can check which task you’ve assigned to each character by looking in your Collection tab under Characters.

How to raise and level up Disney Dreamlight Valley friendships fast

Currently, there are four different ways to raise your friendships levels fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Some of the below options will raise that level faster than others, but it’s also worth knowing that you can only perform two of these actions once a day. Like other life-sim games, Disney Dreamlight Valley runs in real-time meaning when it’s noon for you, it’s noon for the villagers too. So, you’ll have to wait until the following day to take advantage of these tasks meaning patience is key.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Level Up Friendships Fast: The player can be seen talking to Ariel

Having conversations

First up, each day you can strike up a conversation with each character. To do this, simply approach the character, select to talk to them, and then choose the conversation prompt from the list of options available. You’ll then be given options on how you respond to the conversation but once you’ve had it, they’ll be happy you did and you’ll get some experience as well.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Level Up Friendships Fast: The player can be seen cooking

Gifting items

Each day you’ll also be able to give characters three special items as a gift. If you give them their favourite things, they’ll be so happy to receive them from you that the friendship level will rise even quicker. Of course, you can also give characters any gift you like but the friendship bar won’t raise much at all in that case. Your surefire way of raising that level up fast is to give them what they ask for and in fact, seemingly one of the fastest ways in the game to raise your friendship ranks.

Whilst some of these items will be fairly easy to come by, perhaps foraged from the Glade of Trust or cooked on your home stove, some will be a little rarer and harder to come by. It’s always worth weighing up if you think the effort is worth the reward.

Bear in mind, that you can only give one of each of the three favourite things of the day. If you try and give them another one, they’ll just treat it like a normal gift and all your hard work will be for no greater level raise. You can also check everyone’s daily gifts under the Collection > Characters tab in your menu.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Level Up Friendships Fast: The player can be seen with Merlin and Mickey looking at the Dream Castle

Hanging out with them

You can invite each character to hang out with you, which means they’ll follow you around the map as you carry out your tasks. As mentioned before, when forming a friendship you can assign each character a task that they will help you with.

Once assigned, if you carry out that task with the character whilst hanging out with them, your friendship level will rise faster. For example, say Goofy is helpful with fishing, if you take him to Dazzle Beach and fish away, he’ll be happy you did so as well as granting you extra items now and again.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Level Up Friendships Fast: The player can be seen walking into the Dream Castle

Completing quests

Each character can give you individual quests to complete, but sometimes in order to get these quests, you’ll need to be at a certain level. So, this part of your friendships go hand-in-hand. If you complete their quests, your friendship level will rise. And to get those quests, you’ll want to make sure you’ve spent time making these friendships more wholesome.

So, whilst it’s not as easy as singing “you’ve got a friend in me” at them, Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn’t make it too difficult to level up and raise friendships and in turn progress you through the game. If you’re looking for more Disney Dreamlight Valley content, we’ve got a guide to where you can find all the gems, how to get Star Coins fast, and how to increase your inventory space. You’ll need big pockets for all those friendship gifts you’ll be dishing out!