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The best Discord music bots - banging tunes on command

Looking for the best Discord music bots to provide your server with some absolute bangers? These are the music bots you'll need to install to bring the tunes

Best Discord music bots: An equaliser that's multicoloured

Discord is an incredibly popular chat service that allows communities to gather online and… chat. That’s a very simplified explanation for an app that has been soaring to success since 2015, boasting over 350 million registered users in 2021. But what if you want music while you’re on Discord? Well, Discord music bots allow users to play music during their chat sessions. So, whether you’re crafting a playlist for your gaming nights with friends or need some background music for a group study session, music transforms Discord into a home for curated sounds.

Music bots haven’t been without their drama though, with Google issuing a cease and desist on two of the most popular music bots on the app that let you listen to music from YouTube ad-free. The two bots, called Rythm and Groovy, were replaced by the feature Watch Together. So, in our best Discord music bots guide, we’ve populated our list with the music bots currently available to blast your high-quality tunes.

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Here are the best Discord music bots: 

  • Fredboat
  • MEE6
  • Chip Bot
  • Hydra
  • Vexera
  • ProBot


Fredboat is a free-to-use Discord music bot that streams music from popular sites such as YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Twitch. This bot also has a few options for your playlist, such as shuffle, and the ability to choose to repeat just one song or your entire playlist – whatever takes your fancy. The built-in search feature allows users to search in Discord rather than on the site and FredBoat finds it for you. Genius.


MEE6 calls itself the ‘most stable and intuitive music bot’ and there’s a reason for that. It offers a dashboard specifically to search, play, and replay songs into your Discord server. MEE6’s plugins are many though, as the bot can also be used for moderation, custom commands, and a bunch of utilities making it one of the more diverse bots on our list.

Chip bot

Chip Bot boasts a 24/7 service, high-quality audio, and a range of controls that span from Chip’s prefix to the equaliser putting you truly in control of your music. It’s free-to-use unless you sign up for the premium service and with over 80+ commands, it’s possible to use Chip directly from your Discord server.

Best Discord music bots: A discord logo


Self-proclaimed as “the perfect discord bot”, Hydra is a pretty impressive bot on our list and one that is multifaceted in use. There’s customisation in the extensive web dashboard, a command list rich with features, and a unique song request channel. There’s also a host of other features behind the bot’s premium service, such as 24/7 playback and auto play, but that comes at a price. A favourable option for many in the Discord-loving community.


Much like MEE6, Vexera is also a multi-purpose service and has a range of commands that can be triggered through Discord, like skipping, starting, and stopping tunes. Currently serving over 300,000 plus Discord servers, Vexera is a popular choice and free-to-use.


Last but not least, ProBot is a Discord bot of many talents from social commands, to moderation, to welcome image design, to, of course, music. It also supports more than 13 languages and boasts 99.99% uptime making ProBot one for the list.

So, that’s it, six great options for the best Discord music bots. Hopefully you’ll find a fit for you that brings music to your ears – and to your servers.