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The best Discord bots to help you work smarter, not harder

From functional to fun, here are all the best Discord bots that your server not only needs but absolutely deserves and that will help you work smarter

Best Discord bots: Someone boots up the Discord app on their phone

Hosting a Discord can be difficult. Having so many different people in one place is a recipe for… well, discord. But when you’re trying to stay professional, there are plenty of tools – and Discord bots – at your fingertips to keep your friend-ship sailing, and the conversation flowing.

You might also need some assistance in adding some ambience to your Call of Duty: Warzone sessions, or maybe some music to soundtrack your podcast. There are even great tools for organising events, creating polls, and generally just managing your community exactly how you want. Discord is enough work on its own, so let us make things easier for you with the best Discord bots.

So, whatever you use Discord for, and however you want to assist your work or community, let us guide you through the best Discord bots to help you work smarter, not harder. Most of these start at free, and a few are paid for, so hopefully whatever your budget, there’s something here for you.

Here are the best Discord bots:

  • MEE6
  • Octave
  • Apollo
  • Xenon
  • Statbot
  • Confessions
  • Giveaway Bot
  • Epic RPG
  • Tatsu
  • Pokecord


Likely the very first thing you should install, MEE6 helps with automation of an incredible amount of helpful tasks. Easily manage things like welcome messages and custom responses, it can check for violations, and even outside links. Basically, it does most of the work so you don’t have to.

It also has a levelling feature, where each interaction helps build your level. If you’ve been on Discord, there’s a very good chance you’ve already seen it. MEE6 is a work horse of a Discord bot that anyone can use and it offers a surprising amount of customisation for free.


Possibly the most versatile music app, Octave can stream music from the likes of YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud. It’s been around for over four years, with over half a million users, so this is one of the most popular, and well developed bots you can find.

You can assign different roles to users to help run everything and it also runs very smoothly. So if you need some music to soundtrack your gameplay, this could be the most reliable bot out there.


This might be one for the more serious Discord user, this scheduling app makes arranging and organising events a breeze. Helping you to ensure every meeting is on time, this simple-to-use bot also allows you to send messages to all event attendees, and even schedule events that happen regularly.

Apollo is another free Discord bot, though you can unlock some pro features by paying a small fee.


You can never be too careful, and depending on what you need it for, your Discord could hold valuable information that you can’t afford to lose. With Xenon, you can back up your entire server relatively hassle-free, and you can restore a previous version easily.

Xenon also comes stacked with useful templates to help get your server started. If you’re a professional and want peace of mind that your community is safe, this is a fantastic way to make sure you don’t lose a single message. Xenon starts at free, but offers more features with a premium plan.


If you need to keep a close eye on your burgeoning community, Statbot gives you detailed breakdowns of everything happening. Find out exactly how many members you have, who is online, the amount of messages being sent, and more.

Statbot is a community manager’s dream come true, as you can easily see what works and what drives people away. Statbot is free to download, but you can access more features with a small fee.


Depending on your goals, this bot could be a very interesting tool. Confessions allows users to submit anonymous feedback – perfect if you’re looking to get a true feel for what your community thinks.

It could also lead to drama, especially if people start confessing their love (or crimes), but only you know what it is you are looking to find.

Giveaway Bot

This one does exactly what it says. If you need an easy way to organise and hold giveaway events in your community, then Giveaway Bot is the perfect match.

Whether you want to organise something nice for members of your Discord, or you’re a community manager trying to drive engagement, this is a simple way to reward your members and keep track of everything at the same time. It’s also completely free, though additional features can be unlocked for more money.


In case you need to add extra incentive or just a little fun to your server, Epic RPG is the Discord bot for you. This handy little tool turns your community into a text based adventure, allowing people to level up, browse shops, and even explore dungeons together.


If you need your Discord to be slightly cuter, then Tatsu is the perfect answer. With this bot, you can create a small community, earn currency, and allow people to shop and show off their favourite items.

Players can even purchase and care for a Tatsugotchi, with over 100 cute pets to choose from. This virtual world is surprisingly deep, and could be a blast to enjoy with a few of the right friends. So, if you need to inject some swag to your server, give this bot a try.


I’ll give you three guesses… that’s right, even better than a Tamagotchi is your very own Pokémon team. Pokecord lets you catch, battle, and trade Pokémon all within your Discord channel.

It’s a great way to connect with your nerdy friends, and the Pokémon catching element is as addictive as ever. This bot has a very supportive community that is constantly trying to improve it as well, so while it might be slightly rough around the edges, improvements are always being worked on.

So there you have it, our full list of the best Discord bots out there. Hopefully you’ll find one or two that’ll take your server to the next level or give you the perfect opportunity to groove along to some tunes while playing the best PS5 games and best Xbox Series X games online.