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New Diablo 4 update reinvigorates every build with a whopping 88 buffs

If you're planning to jump into Sanctuary with Diablo 4 on Xbox, PS5, and PC soon, you'll be pleased to know the latest update improves almost every build.

Diablo 4 update 1.0.3 buff all classes: Lillith being mommy and looking down on the camera

Diablo 4 developer Blizzard is gearing up for the Season 1 release date with another title update packed with bug fixes and quality of life changes; there’s over 70, from improved Nightmare Dungeon experience earnings to fixing Spider Host corpses, if you’re curious. However, as exciting as that is, this update is more important than that. This Diablo 4 update actually improves almost every build in the isometric RPG, with a whopping 88 buffs being introduced across all five classes. If you’re using one of the best classes and best builds right now, it’s very likely that the latest tilte update has improved it in some way – and that’s fantastic.

If you’re someone who finds their Basic Skills lacking somewhat, you’ll be pleased to know that Diablo 4 update 1.0.3 improves almost every single Basic Skill available – while also introducing improvements to a number of other popular Skills, Legendary Aspects, and Passives across every class currently available in-game.

If you’re using the best Barbarian class out there, you’ll be pleased to know that Lunging Strike, Bash, Frenzy, Flay, Double Swing, Kick, and Charge have all been improved alongside Bounding Slam, Iron Maelstrom, Call of the Ancients, and everyone’s favourite: Leap. The flat damage of Legendary Aspects Bul-Kathos, Earthquake, Dust Devil’s, Windlasher, and Iron Warrior has also been improved.

Those of you dabbling with the best Druid class available at the moment should notice that Earthspike, Wind Shear, Claw, Maul, Lightning Storm, and Shred are better than before. Specifically, Cataclysm and Lacerate will deal more damage than before, just like Pummel. Rabies, Hurricane, Lacerate, and Petrify are all also among the Skills buffed in this update alongside the Legendary Aspects Runeworker’s Conduit, Mangled, Seismic-Shift, and Blured Beast.

Blizzard hasn’t forgotten about Necromancers, though – so, don’t worry if you’re playing as one of the best builds for this spooky class. Reap, Decompose, Hemorrhage, Bone Splinters, Sever, Blood Lance, and Bone Prison are amongst the Skills upgraded in this update. Passives Kalan’s Edict, Rathma’s Vigor, and Spiked Armor are all also improved upon alongside a handful of Legendary Aspects.

Rogue players utilizing some of the best builds in this clever class can look forward to damage boosts to Invigorating Strike, Blade Shift, Heartseeker, Forceful Arrow, Barrage, and Volley alongside improvements to Caltrops, Smoke Grenade, and Rain of Arrows. Close Quarters Combat is also going to offer up 10% more bonus damage.

If you’re trying to make sure you’re using the best Sorcerer build available, you’ll be pleased to know that Spark, Frostbolt, Firebolt, Charged Bolt, Incinerate, Fireball, Frozen Orb, Blizzard, Ice Blades, Lightning Spear, Crackling Energy, and Freezing Wake have been buffed. Yes, this update covers every element available at the moment. A few Legendary Aspects are also being improved – like Incendiary, Snowguard’s, Concentration, and Abundant Energy.

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Adding to these balancing changes, Blizzard’s development team added a note to the patch notes that explains that it’s “continuing [its] efforts to make all Class builds feel fun and powerful”. Continuing, it adds the following:

“These changes will not change the fundamental relationship between Basic Skills and Core Skills, but we hope that they help smooth out the leveling experience while we explore additional ways to strengthen them… As we look forward to future updates, we’re monitoring other heavily discussed topics, such as Minion survivability and build parity.”

Diablo 4 is one of the best RPG games out there and this update ahead of the first season of post-launch content clearly shows Blizzard has been listening to fans. Is this going to make Diablo 4’s best – and also worst – class worth playing over it’s most popular options? Well, we’ll have to wait and see, but it’s nice to see a balancing update improve upon everything under-powered, rather than nerf everything over-powered.