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Diablo 4 transmog explained, how to change appearance

Look your best slaying demons by learning about Diablo 4 transmog, including how to use the wardrobe to change the appearance of your gear and character.

Diablo 4 transmog: Two male Barbarians wearing different armor styles. A frosty environment can be seen in the background.

Diablo 4 is full of unique and eye-catching apparel, so you’re no doubt wondering how to use transmog and change appearance. Fret not as it’s not set in stone. In this guide you will find out everything you need to know about Diablo 4 transmog, including where to find the elusive wardrobe to change your appearance.

As with most games with loot, fashion will play a key role in Diablo 4, especially as each of the Diablo 4 classes has a distinct look. Nevertheless, make sure you’re looking your best as you explore the Diablo 4 map of Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 transmog explained

Diablo 4 features transmog, also known as a transmogrification system, that will let players alter their appearance of equipment.

Using the transmog system in Diablo 4, you can swap the look of your individual armor pieces to other acquired Diablo 4 armor sets and styles. This is a welcome return from Diablo 3, which also let players use transmogrification to alter their appearance. However, with a suite of new styles and updated visuals, Diablo 4 transmog will no doubt be a popular feature for fashion fans.

How to transmog gear in Diablo 4

To transmog  your gear in Diablo 4, access the wardrobe and use the system to change the appearance of your gear to other acquired styles and pigments.

When you open the transmog screen in the wardrobe, you will be able to modify each armor piece by selecting variant styles and pigments. You’ll also be able to create ensembles, custom outfits you’ll be able to swap to quickly.

Diablo 4 transmog: A screenshot displaying the transmog user-interface.

Note that you will only be able to transmog using unlocked styles, so at the start of the game your transmog screen will unfortunately look a little bare. To unlock new transmog styles, salvage gear with new looks at a blacksmith to add it to your collection. Keep an eye out for items marked with ‘unlocks new look on salvage’, these are the ones you’ll want to salvage for new transmog styles.

How to change appearance in Diablo 4

To change appearance in Diablo 4, you’ll need to interact with the wardrobe and select the appearance tab.

This will let you change both your clothing style and your character’s appearance all in one screen. Not everything can be changed once you’ve made your custom character though, you can only change your makeup, jewelry, markings, and markings colour. This means that your hair, facial hair, and masculine or feminine traits are set in stone once you finalize your character.

Diablo 4 transmog wardrobe location: A map showing the location of the wardrobe in Kyovashad to change appearance.

Where is the wardrobe in Diablo 4?

The wardrobe in Diablo 4 can be found marked on the map next to your stash within cities. You’ll first come across the wardrobe in Kyovashad, though it’s easy to miss.

In Kyovashad, this can be found in your lodging to the north of the fast-travel point in the city. Simply walk up to it and press the interact button to open the wardrobe and begin gear transmog.

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That’s all there is to it. Now you know everything you need to know about Diablo 4 transmog, including how to change your appearance and find the wardrobe, you’ll be heading into the Diablo 4 endgame in style.