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Destiny 2 Upgrade Modules - how to get and farm

Find out all about how to get Destiny 2 Upgrade Modules so you don’t miss out on this crucial gear upgrade and infusion material to improve your builds.

Destiny 2 Upgrade Modules: Banshee-44, the Gunsmith, the main vendor that sells Upgrade Modules to the player.

Upgrades Modules are one of, if not the most important material in Destiny 2 besides Legendary Shards, since they are used to infuse your gear. Luckily, here’s how to get Destiny 2 Upgrade Modules and the best Upgrade Module farm currently available in the game so you won’t have to scrounge around when you need them most.

Even the best Destiny 2 Titan build, best Destiny 2 Warlock build, and best Destiny 2 Hunter builds will need Upgrade Modules to keep them up to date with current power cap for each update, so you don’t want to run out.

Destiny 2 Upgrade Modules – how to get

Destiny 2 Upgrade Modules are used to infuse your favourite gear with other items to increase their power level and are obtained primarily through challenging activities and vendors, as well as the Seasonal Pass.

Here are all the methods of how to get Upgrade Modules in Destiny 2:

  • Purchased from Banshee-44 or Ada-1 in The Tower
  • Possible reward for completing Playlist activities
  • Ghost Mods such as Modularity to increase end of activity drop chance
  • Gunsmith, and Seasonal vendor rank progression
  • Season Pass
  • Destiny 2 Lightfall Legendary campaign rewards or The Witch Queen Legendary campaign rewards

Upgrade Modules are only used for infusion, a process which allows for lower level weapons and armour to take on the power level of higher level gear, but maintaining their individual statistics. For example, you may have a great armour stat roll that you want to keep using but the overall power level is too low. If you find an equivalent item with a higher power level, then it can be used to infuse and increase the level of the item you want.

No doubt the best way to get Destiny 2 Upgrade Modules is to buy them from Banshee-44 (Gunsmith) or Ada-1 in The Tower. This is the most on-demand method, so if you need one in a pinch then check by these friendly Exos. Do note though that they are quite taxing on your Glimmer stocks, costing one Enhancement Core, 10 Legendary Shards, and 5,000 Glimmer.

Besides directly purchasing them, Upgrade Modules can also be acquired through completing Playlist activities such as Strikes and Crucible, with the Modularity Ghost Mods increasing the chances of this rare item dropping.

Upgrade Modules are also included in the Season Pass in great volume, particularly if you’ve purchased the Season Pass which grants extra rewards. This is the best method of stockpiling them besides buying them, though you will have to spend time to level up your Season Pass to reach the required levels.

Lastly, Upgrade Modules are part of the Gunsmith and Seasonal vendor rank progression, so completing their respective bounties to level them up will net you a couple of Upgrade Modules.

Now you know how to get Destiny 2 Upgrade Modules, you’re ready to infuse your armour and work on your builds. Don’t forget though, there are plenty of other important materials you’ll need to get your hands on, such as Destiny 2 Ascendant Shards and Destiny 2 Ascendant Alloy before you can start perfecting your playstyle.