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Who is the Destiny 2 The Witness voice actor?

Unmask this powerful paracausal entity by finding out the Destiny 2 The Witness voice actor, who you’ll no doubt recognise from other games, TV, and film.

Destiny 2 The Witness voice actor: The Witness looking out at the Black Fleet in space.

With The Witness having such a prominent role since The Witch Queen, and even greater role in Lightfall and Season 20, you’re no doubt curious about the Destiny 2 The Witness voice actor. Given the air of mystery surrounding this powerful entity, it’s strange to have a peek around the curtain and find out the voice behind this menacing character.

If you’re eager to dig into Destiny 2’s deep and complex story, then we’ve got you covered with Lightfall and beyond. Find out more about Destiny 2 The Witness’ history and story, the game-changing Destiny 2 Cloud Striders, and the hidden city of Destiny 2 Neomuna.

Who is the Destiny 2 The Witness voice actor?

The voice actor for The Witness in Destiny 2 is Brett Dalton, who you may recognise as Freyr in God of War Ragnarok, Michael in Until Dawn, and Grant Ward in Agents of SHIELD.

With The Witness often speaking using multiple different voices at once besides its own, including that of Savathûn and Uldren Sov, it’s harder to recognise the voice of The Witness as Brett Dalton. Now you know though, it will surely be hard to not think of the happy-go-lucky Freyr or Michael next time The Witness steps onto the stage.

That’s the Destiny 2 The Witness voice actor unmasked. While knowing the person behind this menacing paracausal entity does take away from the mystery of The Witness, Lightfall is sure to shed more light on this character and no doubt add even more mystery. If you’re finding yourself lost and confused by the story, check out the Destiny 2 campaign order and season order so you know where to start.